Everything you need to know about Fortnite this week

Week 5 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is well underway. Update 16.20 released earlier in the week, but the Week 5 challenges are out today.

Below, check out everything that's happening in Fortnite this week, including what the weekly challenges are and how you complete them.

Latest - Fortnite Week 5 Challenges Live Today

This week's challenges were leaked by iFireMonkey on Twitter, who is proven and reliable.

You can check the challenges out below and they will go live on Thursday, April 15 at 9am EST/2PM BST.

Will link to any relevant specific guides on the challenges to help you once they're live.

Epic Quests

Here are the Season 6 week 5 Epic Quests:

Fortnite Season 6 Week 5 Epic Quests
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  • Deal damage with DMGs (1000)
  • Search ammo boxes (5)
  • Use a campfire (1)
  • Modify vehicles with off-road tires (3)
  • Drive from Sweaty Sands to Colossal Crops without leaving the vehicle (1)
  • Maintain a speed of 65 or greater for 4 seconds in a vehicle (1)
  • Get 2 seconds of airtime in a vehicle (2)

Each Epic Quest is worth 24,000 XP, meaning that completing them all with net players 168,000 XP, or about two levels.

Legendary Quests

Here are the Season 6 week 5 Legendary Quests:

Fortnite Season 6 Week 5 Legendary Quests
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  • Collect bars (1000/2000/3000/4000/5000)

But, you need to be quick because the Legendary Quest will only be in the game for one week before disappearing.

16.20 Update Is Live

We're still waiting for the downtime to end, but the 16.20 update is about to be live in Fortnite.

In the 16.20 update, we'll get a variety of new items, many of which have been revealed before downtime ends.

The downtime for the the 16.20 update is going to be longer than usual, taking Fortnite servers offline starting at 2am EST, and likely lasting to around 9am EST.

While Epic Games doesn't typically release full patch notes anymore - a new set of early patch notes give us an idea of what's coming.

Also, @Hypex on Twitter has released images of some of the new content, such as skins and bows.

Here are all of the skins bundles coming as part of the update.

Also, below you can see what to expect from the two new bows in the game.

Finally, you'll also get a new Boss Recycler and an Odd-Road Tires Mod for vehicles.

Relic Styles

Level 100 is not the end of the Battle Pass this season, instead there are unlockable styles to unlock all the way to level 225.

In a recent post, Epic Games revealed the details of when each style can be unlocked.


Spire-inspired, Chromium Styles are made of the metal that compose Season 6’s central monument.

  • Chromium Tarana: Level 110
  • Chromium Raz: Level 130
  • Chromium Spire Assassin: Level 150
Fortnite Season 6 Chromium Style
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From new fissures in the metal, Runic Styles emit a purple light representing The Spire’s energy.

  • Runic Tarana: Level 160
  • Runic Raz: Level 180
  • Runic Spire Assassin: Level 200
Fortnite Season 6 Runic Styles
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The purple light remains in Golden Styles, but the metal has transformed into brilliant gold. A blessing from The Spire.

  • Golden Tarana: Level 205
  • Golden Raz: Level 215
  • Golden Spire Assassin: Level 225
Fortnite Season 6 Golden Style
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Vaulted Shop

Recently, Epic Games has added the Vaulted Shop to the game.

This is part of the Item Shop for cosmetics that haven't been in the Item Shop for at least one year.

Fortnite Vaulted Shop April 12
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It is unclear whether this will be a permanent feature or whether it will rotate out with the 16.20 update.

Primal Shotgun Nerf

With a recent update we saw the nerf of the Primal Shotgun, along with the inclusion of The Recycler.

Here are the new stats for the Primal Shotgun.

Reboot A Friend

Reboot A Friend is back, encouraging players to jump back into the game again.

By playing with friends who haven't played for 30 days, players can unlock exclusive cosmetics.

In a blog post, Epic Games detailed what to expect from this event.

"Reboot a Friend is back! With the recent launch of Chapter 2 Season 6, now’s a great chance to invite your friends back to the fun and show them what’s new.

Between April 6, 2021 and April 26, 2021, earn free rewards by inviting and playing Fortnite with friends that haven’t played in 30 or more days.

How can you participate in Reboot a Friend? Follow these easy steps:

  • Head over to the Reboot a Friend website.
  • Choose up to three eligible friends you’d like to reboot.
  • Play games with those friends to earn points and receive prizes.

Drop-in and join the fun to earn never-before-released items -- for FREE! Note: these items may be made available to players elsewhere at another date."

Fortnite Reboot A Friend April 2021 Cosmetics
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