Week 7 Alien Artifact Locations In Fortnite (Season 7)

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The Fortnite Season 7, Week 7 Alien Artifacts are now live, and we know where they'll be spawning. There's been a lot going on in Fortnite this week with Update 17.20 and the Ferarri announcement, so don't forget to collect your artifacts.

You can use your Alien Artifacts to upgrade the Kymera Skin that you hopefully got as part of the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass. Once you collect the weekly Alien Artifacts, you can still get some additional ones from Cosmic Chests in any squad-based mode (duos, trios and quads).

Fortnite Week 7 Alien Artifacts Locations

This week there are actually six Alien Artifacts to find on the Fortnite map! The reason for this is that one of the artifacts from a previous week was unobtainable. Rather than let it go, Fortnite has put it back into play for this week only.

Fortnite Week 7 Alien Artifacts
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LOCATIONS: The Alien Artifacts locations for Week 7

This means you have six total Alien Artifacts to collect for a total value of 24. You'll notice the above map only has five locations. These are the Alien Artifacts for this week only. If you want to find the additional one, @XTigerHyperX has you covered.


As with all previous weeks, the exact locations of the Alien Artifacts on the Fortnite map is designed to be a little tricky. So while these spots on a map might help, the pinpoint locations will require a bit of work.

They can often be in hard to reach places where you need to build to access or underneath bridges and buildings. Fortnite can't just keep things simple!


Fortunately for you (and us) Comrade3s over on YouTube has already found a way to access the Alien Artifacts for Week 7, and put together this helpful video showing you the precise locations.

It appears that there's nothing to challenging this week and you can have all six Alien Artifacts collected over the course of two or three games.