Fortnite: Week 6 Challenges, Meowscles, Leaked Challenges and Rewards!

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This past week Fortnite released the next set of agent challenges for Chapter 2 Season 2, as Epic Games has changed up their model of the weekly challenges.

This season we are getting agent-specific challenges every two weeks for all the battle pass skins! Completing each agent's challenges will grant us the Ghost or Shadow variant of that skin.


Last week was Meowscles's week five challenges, so with the coming week approaching; what can we expect out of week six?

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Let's dive in!


fortnite meowscles 6

UNDERCOVER - Some of these challenges were some of the hardest ones yet.

There was a hidden message at the beginning of the season with the Deadpool challenges, that stated Epic Games will release all challenges on Thursdays.

To be more specific, Thursdays at around 10:00 EST is when we can expect the week six challenges to roll out on all servers!

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Any Leaks

Ghost Meowscles 1

GHOST? Which one will you choose?

As of now, we do not have any information about the next set of challenges for Fortnite.


Since this is the second week of agent Meowscles challenges, expect some missions centred around his hideout location, which is the Yacht.

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Shadow Meowscles 2

SPICY - Some of the best skin variants yet!

If you complete all of the challenges for both week five and six, you will be able to choose one of the two different variants for Mewoscles.

Picking from either Ghost or Shadow, these are some of the best variants from the battle pass and we cannot make up our mind!

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