All Week 10 Alien Artifacts locations in Fortnite (Season 7)

Fans of Fortnite have been spoilt recently with not only with the Rift Tour and multiple crossover announcements but Season 7 overall hitting a whole new level while the story appears to be well on its way to a resolution.

Despite all the exciting news and announcements, you need to make sure you grab your weekly Alien Artifacts so you can unlock all of the Kymera upgrades before Season 8 begins.

Alien Artifacts Locations for Fortnite Week 10 are now Live

There are five total Alien Artifacts to find in Week 10 and even with the new proximity aid for collecting them, it can still be quite tricky. This week's locations are fairly similar to last week with four of the Alien Artifacts towards the bottom of the map with one artifact off galivanting elsewhere.

Fortnite Alien Artifacts locations
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LOCATIONS: The Week 10 Alien Artifacts locations

As always, it's nice seeing the spots represented on a map, but if you need a little more help finding each of the Alien Artifacts, here they are in a little more detail;

  • West of Slurpy Swamp - There is a group of building directly west of Slurpy Swamp, the artifact is by the building on the East (from map view)
  • South of Catty Corner - Directly South of Catty Corner, on the mountain tops, this artifact can be found behind a small house at the Weather Station. It's underneath some debris which needs to be destroyed to access it.
  • South-East of Misty Meadows - Another mountain top artifact. Head to the IO Stellite Station and the artifact is in the blue container.
  • North of Coral Castle - This is the outlier of this week's Alien Artifacts. There is a small island in the far North-East of the map, the artifact can be found inside an old elevator that is halfway down an old elevator shaft. Proximity aid will be helpful on this one.
  • South-East of Weeping Woods - This artifact is near a group of trees along the outskirts of the POI. The artifact is on a small hill, making it a little easier to spot.
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