Fortnite: V Bucks bonus coming for iOS and Mac players

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Epic Games is giving a huge V-Bucks bonus to Fortnite players on Mac and iOS.

This bonus is in response to these platforms being blocked for Fortnite updates.

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Let's get right into the details.

Fortnite V-Buck Bonus for iOS and Mac players

To make up for Fortnite updates being blocked on Mac and iOS, players are receiving a hefty V-Bucks bonus!

Fortnite iOS Mac V Bucks Bonus
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RECOMPENSE: Epic Games is dropping a huge deal for Fortnite iOS and Mac players

Fortnite is matching unspent V-Bucks purchased from the Apple Store (for iOS users), and from Epic Games (for Mac users).


Release Date

This massive V-Bucks bonus from Epic Games will take effect in Fortnite on 9 November.

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It's unclear whether this means players can game the system to accrue V-Bucks in the meantime or not.

Fortnite Log-in, Matchmaking issues

Fortnite has had some server issues today, preventing some players from logging into the game, or from using matchmaking.

Fortnite Servers Down Log In Matchmaking
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SERVERS DOWN?: Fortnite servers are experiencing some hiccups

We still don't quite have an update on these issues, but it is at least only preventing a small portion of the playerbase from getting in.

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We'll update this piece with more news on these server issues as it comes.