Fortnite Update 23.20 COUNTDOWN - release time, patch notes & server downtime

fortnite update and patch notes image

fortnite update and patch notes image

Fortnite Update 23.20 is finally underway and it feels live forever since the last content update dropped! We had a small maintenance patch last week but this had no real consequences for general gameplay nor did it bring any announcements.

As we look towards update 23.20, there is plenty we still don't know from a content standpoint. We do, however, know exactly when it will release. So, here's everything you need to know about Fortnite update 23.20!

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DELAYED - Update Underway

Matchmaking has been disabled and servers will be down shortly as Fortnite Update 23.20 is set to take place today following a short delay.

Fortnite Update 23.20 release time

Update 23.20 in Fortnite was due to release on Tuesday, 17 January at 1AM PT / 4AM ET / 9AM GMT / 10AM CET. As of right now, the update didn't go live and there is no new date or time confirmed.

the citadel in Fortnite chapter 4
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There is nothing new here as this is the usual time that Fortnite updates drop and when a new date is announced, we expect it to follow the same structure. New seasons tend to drop over a weekend but the standard updates are typically on a Tuesday at the above times, this appears to be a rare exception.

Matchmaking will go down around 30 minutes prior to the update to allow all in-progress matches to finish. Servers then go down for up to four hours and once they're live again, a small update patch will need to be downloaded.

Fortnite first-person battle royale
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Will first-person battle royale arrive in this update?

What to expect in Fortnite Update 23.20

It's been so long since we got a proper content update that it actually leaves us a little unsure about exactly what we'll see added in update 23.20. Fortnite is in an unusual position right now where the game feels quiet but we've only just started a brand new chapter!

We're still awaiting the First-Person mode for battle royale and the addition of Family Guy skins which appears to be closer than ever.

Hurdling was disabled recently and could be readded in this update if they have found a workaround for how broken it is but this is something that could be done in any random hotfix.

Finally, a Kid Laroi concert was leaked, rumoured to be taking place within Fortnite Creative in late January. This update would be the best time to announce it as cosmetics are likely to be added to the game at this time.

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