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Fortnite Update 22.40 Patch Notes

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Fortnite update 22.40 has arrived and downtime is over meaning we can jump into the new content right now!

We're taking a look at what has changed across the battle royale and creative game modes and what it could mean going forward. With Chapter 4 just a few weeks away, are there any clues in this latest update for what we can expect?

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Fortnite Battle Royale Patch Notes (22.40)

The patch notes for Fortnite update 22.40 are quite straight forward considering we are entering a whole new chapter in just a few weeks' time.

The Octane vehicle has entered battle royale following its time in Creative since update 22.10. It will not be available in competitive playlists.

the rocket league octane vehicle as it is seen in fortnite
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We have the Grapple Glider arriving too and it can be found in chests, chrome chests and supply drops. It is a limited-charge item so don't waste them!

Big Battle LMT has also returned with the 40v40 mode being a chaotic but very fun mode which starts with the first circle already having closed in and you even get weapons in your inventory to play with from the very start. It's currently a Zero Build option only.

promo image for the 40v40 big battle ltm in fortnite
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Battle Lab is also confirmed to be heading to the vault from update 23.00 as the starter island feature replaces it.

Finally, there have been some improvements to mobile play with the use/interact feature and a bug fix for colour issues with previous battle pass reward skins.

Fortnite Creative Patch Notes (22.40)

Update 22.40 sees the Class Selector UI and D-Launcher devices to Fortnite Creative. The Class Selector is a useful tool to present players in-game and the D-Launcher comes in three versions; Standard, Primal and Invasion. You can even adjust the launch speed and angle for the D-Launcher for each type.

the standard d-launcher item from fortnite
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The Dial-A-Drop has also been added which allows players to call in a Health Drop, Supply Drop or Vehicle Drop. Note that there is a five-vehicle limit for drops.

Finally, Big Battle and the Grapple Glider have been added to Creative alongside their inclusion in Battle Royale.

For more on specific bug fixes and feature changes, check out the full patch notes for Fortnite update 22.40 in Creative HERE.

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