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Fortnite Update 22.20 COUNTDOWN: Release Time, Fortnitemares & Patch Notes

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the official fortnite server downtime image

We're about to learn exactly what Fortnite Update 22.20 has in store for us when it goes live tomorrow morning! Some big gameplay changes are expected to balance the newly overpowered Explosive Goo Gun but much of the update remains a mystery.

With Fortnitemares also due to begin tomorrow, we can expect to see a ton of new files uncovered to let us know exactly what's coming during the event. Here's everything we know so far!

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Fortnite Update 22.20 Release Time & Server Downtime

Fortnite Update 22.00 will be released on Tuesday, 18 October. As for the exact time of release, servers will go down at 1 am PT / 4 am ET / 9 am BST.

As usual, you can expect matchmaking to be suspended around 30 minutes before servers go down. This will allow all in-progress matches to be completed prior to Update 22.20 going live.

Servers are expected to be down from anywhere between 1-4 hours. With Fortnitemares content possibly being quite sizable, it's possible we could be facing downtime on the slightly longer side of the scale.

Fortnitemaress 2022 & Gameplay Changes

We only know of one major gameplay change likely arriving on Fortnite Update 22.20 as the Explosive Goo Gun is due to receive a nerf. There could be some small balance changes made to other weapons or items but nothing else in the game is quite so overpowered.

the fortnitemares promo image for 2022 which features a neon geometric fox mask
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As for Fortnitemares, all content should be revealed in this update. We have seen a few early glimpses of what's to come but no solid confirmation is available just yet.

The event is set to begin on Tuesday, 18 October, and run for two weeks which will take us to the day after Halloween. You can expect exclusive skins, quests, game modes, and rewards throughout the event.

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