Fortnite Update 22.10: Release Date, Server Downtime & Patch Notes

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fortnite update 22.10

We know, Fortnite Season 4 has only just started but we can't help but look forward to the first major update of the season, 22.10. We usually wouldn't expect this to land for some time but recent patterns suggest it could be quite soon!

Here's everything we know about Fortnite Update 22.10 including when its taking place, what server downtime is expected and what changes are possibly coming.

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LATEST - Update Confirmed

With Fortnite Update 22.10 now on the staging servers, this confirms that it will take place next week on Tuesday, 4 October.

Fortnite Update 22.10 Release Date

The first update of Fortnite Season 4 should arrive on Tuesday, 4 October. We know that the update is in the works and has been tested, but until it is placed on the staging servers, its release date remains a bit of a mystery.

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This date was (kind of) provided by @_Tom_Henderson_ although he initially stated it would be the day before, it's known that Fortnite Updates take place on a Tuesday.

Will There be Sever Downtime?

As will all major Fortnite Updates, there will be a period of server downtime to allow the update to take place with minimum fuss. The update will take place at 1 am PT / 4 am ET / 9 am BST.

fortnite servers down
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Servers can be down anywhere from one hour all the way up to around four hours, depending on the complexity of the changes, the size of the update and if there are any issues with the patching process.

What Will Change in Update 22.10?


The first update of a Fortnite Season is arguably the hardest one to predict. We wouldn't expect a ton of changes and it could mostly be reactive bug fixes from the season change.

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That being said, there is talk of more map changes still to come as well as the return of planes and helicopters this season. One final rumour is that flying animals are set to show up on the island but this could be for a much later update or even a different season entirely.

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