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Fortnite Update 22.00: Release Time, Server Downtime & Download Size Confirmed

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During the most recent season, it's fair to say that the regular updates haven't quite brought the hype the way they used to. Thankfully, Fortnite Update 22.00 is coming TODAY and is bringing us a whole new season!

With this latest update, Fortnite will enter Chapter 3, Season 4 and the teasers show we're in for something rather creepy. So, when will the update drop and will servers go down? Here's everything you need to know.

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LATEST - Fortnite Season 4 is LIVE!

You can log into Fortnite once again as Update 22.00 is complete. Please note that there are likely to be long queues waiting to get into the game.

fortnite season 4 server queue
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Major Content Updates

It looks like Luke Skywalker, Wolverine and Batman may all have a role to play in Season 4 as they all received a content update during 22.00. Only time will tell what Epic have planned, but it's sure to be something exciting!

Download Size Confirmed!

The Fortnite Season 4 update is coming in at around 11-12GB on Xbox Series X. We don't have eyes on the other platforms just yet but it is expected that it will be a very similar size on PS5 & PC.

Fortnitemares & Crew Pack Leaked

We have an early look at the October 2022 Crew skin which also features a possible early look at some Fortnitemares creatures.

Downtime Has Begun, New Features Listed

Fortnite Season 4 downtime is underway and Epic has revealed a ton of new features in their blog post. Not only will we be able to become chrome in matches but chrome truly has taken over the island.

Chrome chests, weapons and more will be available in each match once Season 4 kicks off.

Update 22.00 Downtime Imminent

You have less than 20 minutes to prepare for extended downtime as Season 3 comes to an end.

Fortnite Season 4 should be live in a few hours' time but we have already been warned of a larger than usual update so who knows when we'll be back in the game!

Downtime Confirmed With Warning

Not only have we had the official confirmation of Update 22.00, but the Fortnite Status Twitter has warned that the update will be larger than usual.

This likely means that a longer downtime will be needed. Make sure you have plenty of space available on your hard drives before the update goes live!

New Map In The Works?

New code has been discovered within the launch options for Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4. This code follows the naming process that Epic has used for new maps, indicating that a new map could be due this season.

First spotted by @GMatrixGames and clarified by @iFireMonkey, it could be nothing, but at the same time, there are also too many coincidences in play.

Fortnite Update 22.00 Release Time

Fortnite Update 22.00 will begin at 11 pm on Saturday, 17 September on the West Coast of the US. For other regions, the update will take place on Sunday, 18 September at 2 am ET / 7 am BST / 8 am CEST.

Will There be Server Downtime?

Yes! Fortnite Update 22.00 will initiate an as-yet-unknown period of server downtime while Fortnite Season 4 is prepared to go live.

Our best guesses would say the downtime should last anywhere between 2-5 hours but there really is no solid answer and anything could go wrong and delay the update being implemented.

fortnite season 4 paradise title card
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Fortnite Season 4 will be titled Paradise

We'll keep you up to date with any developments should there be either an official announcement or leak regarding the times.

Fortnite Update 22.00 Download Size

Again, there will be no confirmation of the download size for Fortnite Update 22.00 until it is live on all platforms.

Based on similar updates over the past few years, we wouldn't expect this file to exceed 10GB. As we've already mentioned though, until the update is live on consoles or PC, we don't know exactly what the download size will be.

fortnite season 4 teaser image chrome
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It's best to keep some space clear on your hard drive regardless and we'll be sure to keep you updated once the exact file size is known.

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