Fortnite Update 21.40: Release Date, Server Downtime & What to Expect

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A brand new Fortnite update for Season 3 is on its way with the 21.40 update set to bring about some changes to the battle royale as the fourth of an expected five patches scheduled for this season.

What changes can we expect in the 21.40 Fortnite update? Here is everything we know so far.


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LATEST - Servers Back Up

After a short delay due to an issue, the Fortnite Update is now fully complete with servers back online for players to enjoy the 21.40 content to its full extent.

Here are the full patch notes for 21.40

Delay in Servers re-opening due to "unresolved incident"

While fans are queueing up to get back into the world of Fortnite to complete the various Dragon Ball quests, "an unresolved incident" has put the brakes on those plans, with the downtime extending longer than initially expected.


Fortnite Queues Before Servers Re-Open

The excitement for the new update and the Dragon Ball crossover is clearly high as Fortnite insider and reliable news source HYPEX tweeted that gamers are waiting in line to get back into their favourite battle royale as soon as possible.

21.40 Fortnite Update Map Changes

As shown by Fortnite news source and leaker FN_Assist, there have been some changes made to the map for the latest Fortnite Update. While some of these changes will be related to Dragon Ball, that's not all that's happening.

The reality tree is continuing to grow more powerful and its latest victim is The Daily Bugle or, as it's now known, Lazy Lagoon. Flooded in the centre and decorated with pirate ships, The Bugle will be mostly unrecognisable aside from the giant caldera it sits in.


Dragon Ball Quests Tab

Dragon Ball Quests Available in Fortnite

As revealed by the official Epic Games blog page on the new crossover and reported by leakers months ahead of time, the Dragon Ball x Fortnite event has its own tab on the main menu, with a battle pass-like levelling system that will give you quests to increase your power level by testing your strength, agility focus and more.

Collecting the 7 Dragon Balls will let you unlock the Shenron Glider.

Server Downtime Now Underway

The scheduled server downtime for the 21.40 Fortnite Update is now underway, as the new content is added to the game. Fortnite will be completely unplayable during this time.

Dragon Ball Crossover Trailer

Fortnite has finally released the trailer for their long-awaited Dragon Ball crossover on their official YouTube Channel. Check it out below:


Fortnite X Dragon Ball Collab Confirmed for 21.40

After months of speculation, leaks and rumours, Fortnite has officially confirmed the Dragon Ball crossover as starting alongside the Fortnite Update on Tuesday.

*UPDATED* Fortnite Update 21.40 Release Date

According to various reliable Fortnite leakers and news sources, the Fortnite 21.40 update has now officially been added to Fortnite's staging servers, officially confirming our predicted date of Tuesday, 16th September 2022 as the day that the update will be added.

This update will likely see the final preparations for the reported Dragon Ball crossover set to happen around the release of the English release of a Dragon Ball movie on Friday, 19th August 2022 so expect a lot more news on that event.


We can expect the update to arrive at the usual time of 1 am PST / 4 am EST / 9 am BST.

Fortnite Update 21.40 Server Downtime.

There will be a period of server downtime between 2-4 hours for Fortnite when the 21.40 Fortnite update is added to the game. During this time, no players will be able to log into Fortnite at all. An additional 30 minutes of downtime before the update begins to ensure no players are in the game while the changes are being made.

What to Expect From the 21.40 Fortnite Update

Dragon Ball crossover expected in the next Fortnite Update.

As mentioned previously, the one thing we can expect to see during the 21.40 Fortnite Update if the dates are to be believed is the massive Dragon Ball crossover with the game. The crossover event is expected to get its own feature on the main menu of Fortnite and come with its own challenges and outfits based on the popular anime.

the long-rumoured skating mechanic could also see its debut at this time, letting players glide across the map with ease and style.