Fortnite Update 21.00: Release Date, Season 3, Server Downtime & More

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Fortnite Update 21.00 is dropping RIGHT NOW and with it will come a brand new season of content!

Very little has leaked about the update - so far - meaning we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory.

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Here's a breakdown of everything we know so far about Fortnite Update 21.00!

LATEST - Servers Down!

As predicted, servers are now down on Fortnite Update 21.00 in taking place. The update file is already live and comes in at just under 7GB.


Some leakers have suggested that servers will be down for around 2 hours but confirmation of this seems unavailable.

Start Time Confirmed?

It looks like Fortnite Update 21.00 should kick into full gear at around 12 am PST / 3 am EST / 8 am BST. A cinematic trailer will go live at this time and we expect Season 3 to be live shortly after.


Seasonal updates are among the largest in Fortnite so Update 21.00 may take a few hours to fully implement.

Obi-Wan Kenobi In Item Shop

Hello There! To celebrate the launch of Kenobi on Disney+ a purchasable Obi-Wan Kenobi set is now available in the Item Shop. For 2,200 Vbucks you can get the full set comprising of a skin, backpack, pickaxe, glider, emote and loading screen.


With how close this Item Shop arrival is to the 21.00 update, it does suggest that more Kenobi/ Star Wars themed items could be making their way to the next Battle Pass, potentially including a Darth Vader skin who is confirmed to be appearing in the Kenobi series.

Event Confirmed!

Confirmation has arrived for the end of season event that now provides clarity for Fortnite Update 21.00


Based on the details here we can expect Fortnite Update 21.00 to start at around 10 pm BST / 5 pm EST / 2 pm PST on Saturday, 4 June.

Fortnite Update 21.00 Release Date & Time

As with any new season, the exact start date and time can be a little tricky to place. We know that Season 2 will end with an event, but Season 3 could start at any time following this.

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Our current estimates would predict that once the event is finished on Friday, 3 June, there will be a period of downtime - for Fortnite Update 21.00 to take place - that lasts through until the morning of Saturday, 4 June.

Once this downtime is complete, Season 3 should begin. Again, this is just speculation but more should become clear when we have an idea of when the event is due to take place.


What to expect

Season 3 should bring us a brand new Battle Pass as well as some map changes and story progression. We're not expecting sweeping changes on the level of Season 1, but there could be a fair amount to take in when Fortnite Update 21.00 is all said and done.

Beyond the obvious, due to very little leaking through the usual sources, it's hard to tell exactly what Season 3 looks set to bring. Darth Vader could headline the Battle Pass but that would break away from the recent Marvel theme (although still in the Disney family).

darth vader fortnite
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We're keen to see which direction Epic head in with Fortnite Update 21.00 and hope that it helps bring a few more eyes back to the game that may have drifted away shortly after Chapter 3 was released.