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Fortnite Update 20.40 COUNTDOWN: Release Date, Time, Server Downtime & More

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Fortnite Update 20.40 is now over and it has a fair amount of hype around it, mainly due to it being the last major update before the end of Season 2 and delivering our first confirmation of an end of season event.

It is setting us up nicely as we move towards the next season. If you're looking to find out about Fortnite 20.40 before you play it, this is what you need to know.

LATEST - Update complete!

Servers are back online following Fortnite Update 20.40 and we finally got our first look at a planned event for the end of Season 2!

Most of the Fortnite leakers are staying quiet on what they know which should help hype really build as we approach the end of the season.

Downtime coming!

We're just a few hours away from Fortnite Servers going down ahead of Update 20.40.

One big change we know that is coming in this update is the cross-platform V-Bucks purchasing. Currency bought on PlayStation can now be used across all other platforms!

Fortnite Update 20.40 Release Time and Date

Fortnite Update 20.40 is set to finally land tomorrow on May 17th. This comes after weeks of teases and caps off the end of the current season updates. Though this means it is coming to an end, it also leaves room for the next season to arrive.

You can expect it to go live at the following times:

  • 1 am PT
  • 3 am CT
  • 4 am ET
  • 9 am BST

We're expecting a reasonably small server downtime just before this goes live to allow everything to get ready. It shouldn't last too long.

What's coming in Fortnite Update 20.40?

Epic Games have somehow managed to keep this update mostly under wraps. It is said that new events and quests will be coming to the game and some have even guessed a Stranger Things collab will happen but we don't know just yet.

With the Fall Guys presentation set to go live, there is a possibility we could see a crossover here too.

Fortnite 20.40 Download Size

As of right now, we don't know what the download size for Fortnite Update 20.40 is. It is being rumoured to be pretty small right now so it shouldn't take up too much of your storage. As Fortnite is an online game, it can get away with an awful lot of its file size being on the servers of the game itself.

As we find out the exact size of the next update, we will update you right here.

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