Fortnite Update 2.86 Patch Notes! - PS5 Showcase, Platforms, New Content, Error Message and More!

Epic has released its newest Fortnite update today!

This comes before the possible content drop coming next week with the 14.20 update.

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Here's everything you need to know about Update 2.86.

Latest News - PS5 Showcase Shows Fortnite on Next-Gen!

It certainly wasn't as long as many other games got in the PS5 Showcase, but we've now seen our first look at Fortnite gameplay on Sony's next-gen powerhouse!

Fortnite PS5 Patch 2 86 1
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STUNNING: Fortnite will look amazing on the PS5 with next-gen technology

We can't wait to see more!

The PS5 Showcase also gave us the PS5 release date, which is 12 November for much of the world, and 19 November for the rest under a staggered release.

PS5 release dates
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STAGGERED: Account for the differences in release dates between regions before you get your hopes too high


The Showcase also revealed the PS5 price, which will be $499.99/£449.99 and $399.99/£349.99 for the Digital Edition.

You can read over all of the biggest details of the PS5 Showcase here!

No New Content

Unfortunately, this recent update doesn't feature any new content for players to dig their teeth into.

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MARVEL - Jump into Season 4 now and help our heroes fight off Galactus!


Update 2.86 simply adresses some glitches that have cropped up on specific systems.

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This patch comes just before a bigger content update set to arrive later next week (Update 14.20).

Error Messages

This update specifically fixes an "ESP" Error message that was popping up on specific systems, these being the PS4 and Xbox One.

Epic has tweeted saying "We've begun to deploy a maintenance patch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One" so expect your version of the game to need an update.

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This update also addresses some system stability issues. These are mainly on the Xbox One console.



This new update is available to download on PS4 and Xbox right now!

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This update won't be available on PC, as the issues adress in this patch won't effect any features on the PC System.