UPDATED Fortnite Update 19.20: Update Live Now, Sever Downtime, & Patch Notes

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Fortnite has received loads of new content in recent weeks. Despite a slow start to Chapter 3, the return of the much loved Titled Towers last week and the release of Vi's Arcane Bundle has started off the year strongly. Now, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1's Update 19.20 is out now and we have all the details you need on it.

Latest - 19.20 Server Downtime Begins

The Fortnite 19.20 update is now live and the patch is rolling out to be downloaded.


The matchmaking should be back by 6am ET/11am GMT, so keep checking in-game once you have the patch downloaded.

Covert Canyon is the main new feature, so head there to check out what it's all about.

New Content Teased

Leakers seem to have a decent idea of what will be coming in Fortnite Update 19.20 and @TweaBR has shed some light on these additions. It appears we may be getting a new POI as well as some more Spider-Man themed cosmetics. Let's see how much turns out to be true!

Fortnite Update 19.20 Release Date & Time Officially Confirmed

It has now been confirmed that the Fortnite Update 19.20 to roll out on Tuesday, 1 February. This was confirmed by Fortnite Competitive Twitter account.


On that date, the servers can be expected to go down at around 09:00 GMT / 04:00 ET / 01:00 PT.

Servers are expected to stay down for close no more than 2 hours, with all game modes unplayable at that time.


The Grotto and Covert Canyon POI

As the snow melts across Fortnite's island, already unearthing Tilted Towers. More new and old POIs are expected to come to the game in the same manner.

One such place is The Grotto which leaks suggest will be returning to the game with the skull carved out the rocks now emerging from underneath the snow.

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Leakers have also found a map that displays a new Covert Canyon POI. This new POI can be found at the top left of the map, at the peak of its highest mountain.

Fortnite v19.10 update release time, leaks
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Little else is known other than the fact that this POI will reportedly have challenges attached to it and was its entry was reportedly delayed making it a shoo-in for the Fortnite 19.20 Update.


Green Goblin

We character we are absolutely sure is coming to Fornite is Green Goblin. One of Spider-man's many foes, Green Goblin's skin, and items have already been leaked.

The Spider-Man skins have proven hugely popular in the game and reactions to the old-school Green Goblin have been equally positive.

Whether he is part of the Fortnite Update 19.20 or released separately is really the one point of contention.