LIVE NOW Fortnite Update 18.21 COUNTDOWN - Update ready now

Fortnite has been hinting at a new mystery battle pass character and more for quite some time. Luckily, you can now get in there for yourself.

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Latest - Servers are live now

After some short maintenance, you can now get into the Fortnite servers right now.


The latest event is live until November 1st.

Cube Queen spotted in-game

The Cube queen is the controller of all those mysterious cubes and you can now try to find her in-game. As powerful as she is cool, a lot of people will want this skin. With leakers working through files, they have even managed to catch screenshots of her operating in-game.


We'll update you as we find out more about her.

Fortnite 18.21 Downtime Has Begun

The downtime for Fortnite's 18.21 update has now begun, so you won't be able to join a match.


The downtime should last no longer than an hour, but we'll update you when it's back live once more.

What's coming in this Update?

We're still awaiting the arrival of Naruto this season which was confirmed towards the end of Season 7. An NPC was uploaded in the last update titles 'Headband' which could very well be the anime icon.


The golden cube has also reached the centre of the island and the purple cubes continue to move. We're expecting the movements to carry on for a little while longer before an event is triggered but we could see some files uploaded that hint at the event in this update.

Finally, the mystery battle pass character, known as the 'Cube Queen', is expected to be uploaded in this update as she's set for release as part of this weeks Fortnitemares reveals. Epic has done incredible work to keep this one under wraps but we expect that once the file is live, we'll get a good look at her before release.