28 Sep 2021 3:21 PM +00:00

Fortnite Update 18.10 - Patch Notes released after first update of Season 8!

The first major update of Fortnite Season 8 has taken place and the Patch Notes are now available! It's been a whirlwind start so far and two weeks have flown by.

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Early signs suggest that this update is one of the biggest in recent history although how much will be immediately changed is still unclear. Here's everything we know about Fortnite Update 18.10 ahead of its release.

LATEST - Patch Notes Available

The breakdown of all the changes made to Battle Royale, Save the World and Creative are now available following the update.


Fortnite Update 18.10 Release Date & Time

We expect Fortnite Update 18.10 to land on Tuesday, 28 September. Tuesday has been the selected update day for some time now and we do not expect this to change.


As will all major updates, servers are expected to go down while it is implemented. This should happen at around 09:00 BST / 04:00 EST / 01:00 PST. Downtime can last anywhere from 1-3 hours for a typical update.

How big is Update 18.10?

While the file size for Fortnite Updates is not known until they are live, we sometimes have an indication of how big they might be. This is through an updates 'builds'. These builds indicated how many things are changing and how many times they've been tested so the larger the number, the more that's changing.


Update 18.10 is already set to have a much higher number of builds compared to the 18.00 update that started Season 8.

We are still awaiting more info on the Naruto skin which was initially rumored to be part of the Battle Pass. We have since learned that it will be released separately at some point in Season 8 and could come as part of this update.

Finally, we're expecting to learn a little more about why the Steamy Stacks POI appeared to be partly destroyed in a recent story trailer shared on the Fortnite Twitter account.