31 Aug 2021 12:58 PM +00:00

Servers are live following Fortnite Update 17.50

It's finally time for the last update of Fortnite Season 7. Servers were gone down but are now back up again following the completion of the update.

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We expect the update to bring us the third and final POI abduction. It may also add the required files for the rumoured Shang-Chi skin coming later this week.

Latest - Patch Notes/Changes detailed

The Patch Notes, or Fortnite's alternative to them, are now live. They have detailed the changes coming as part of Update 17.50 in a Twitter thread and online article.


Servers are live

Fortnite Servers are live following the successful completion of Update 17.50.


You can log into the game and check out the changes right now!

Is The Mothership about to be destroyed?

According to the text in some quest objectives, the Mothership could soon be destroyed. It looks like we're about to take the fight to the Aliens in a big way.


Update file size revealed

The Fortnite update is now live on PC and the file comes in at a respectable 2.15GB.

Consoles are not currently known but will not vary too much from the PC file size.

Legacy Crew Pack Revealed

The Legacy Crew Pack is a free add-on to the monthly Crew Pack. It offers a back bling and pickaxe with 6-stages of evolution. The items only evolve if you stay subscribed to the Crew Pack.


You do not have to stay subscribed for consecutive months but will need 6 total months for everything to fully evolve.

Servers are down for Fortnite Update 17.50

Server downtime has begun for the final update of Fortnite Season 7. It isn't the biggest one of the season but brings everything we need to get to Season 8!


It should trigger the third and final POI abduction, Corny Complex. It should also put everything into place for the end of the season even which is due to begin on Friday, 3 September.

There are just over 400 'builds' in the update which indicates how many fixes there are in the update. The largest update of the season was 17.40 which came in at over 700 builds.


Early Leak - Mode Selection screens have been given an update

As part of the next Fortnite update, it appears that the mode selection screen is getting a facelift.


This has dropped less than an hour before the servers were taken down. More leaks will be available once the update files are uploaded to PC.

End of Season Event coming?

Fortnite leaker @HYPEX discovered that a countdown for something called Skyfire is set to begin on Friday, 3 September. This is believed to be the big ending to Fortnite Season 7. We are still yet to see Kevin The Cube return as was believed, so could this be the big moment?


Either way, we're excited to see how the transition into Season 8 happens. There's a lot of hype moving forward given how well Season 7 has performed. We've put together a wishlist of what we want from next season to make it just as good.

The theme for Fortnite Season 8 is also still unknown but leaks have suggested that we're heading to ancient Egypt as a mummy skin and pyramid POI were discovered in the game files quite recently.