Everything you need to know about the latest Fortnite update: v16.50

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Fortnite Season 7 is just a couple of weeks from starting, but the final update of Season 6 has to come first.

Update 16.50 is now out for everyone on all platforms, with a download being required first. Below, we've got everything you need to know about the update.

LATEST - Fortnite Servers Live Again With 16.50

The downtime is finally over and Epic Games has confirmed that you can jump into Fortnite again.

It has been confirmed that the Dual Pistols are the weapon that has been un-vaulted, with it not spawning around the map.

Also, all Item Shop Bundles sold for V-Bucks are now eligible to be gifted, so share them around. Check out the tweet thread below for more on the new features.

Patch Notes

Once again, Epic has released some vague patch notes for us to check out:

  • A fan favorite comes back out of the vault
  • Survey and oversee larger spaces in Creative
  • Spend your Bars BIG in the next Wild Week starting June 3!

You can also check out what bugs Epic Games are planning on fixing by checking out the community Trello board.

These are the changes that are planned:

  • General
    • Player-built structures have reduced visuals in PC Performance Mode.
    • Just-added friends wrongly appearing offline.
    • Unable to equip cape Back Blings on Rebirth Raven's Rachel Roth Style.
  • Battle Royale
    • Moving left in the inventory on controller skips the last weapon slot.
  • Creative
    • "Recent Islands" list does not update.
    • The ocean is invisible in the minimap.
    • A game not starting if player is in Phone Booth.

Download Size

Now that the 16.50 update is out, we know what the download size is for it. Here they are on all platforms:

  • PS4: 2.5 GB
  • PS5: 2.6 GB
  • Xbox Series X|S: 2GB
  • PC: 1.1 GB
  • Switch: 1.2 GB

Fortnite 16.50 Update Release Time

Just as updates do every other Tuesday, Fortnite's 16.50 update will go live at 4am ET/9am BST on May 25.

fortnite, 16.50 update
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COMPETE: A new Deathstoke themed tournament is coming

Downtime will likely start an hour or so before that, with servers coming back after two hours or so.

By then, we should all know exactly what to expect from the update. We should see a new weapon, some changes to the NPCs, and maybe even a hint at the event for Season 7.

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