Fortnite Update V14.60: Downtime, Release Date, Patch Notes, Slurp Bazooka, Challenges, Mythic Weapons, and More!

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Fortnite has rolled out tons of content for the Marvel-themed season.

Its most recent patch some new LTM's for casual players as well as balance changes around weapons.

Now, the recently released V14.50 update has hit players games all over the world, so there is doubt we get another patch this season.


But, we can be optimistic.

Table of Contents

Here's all we know about update V14.60!

Release Date

Typically, Epic has released patches every two weeks, as they no longer do weekly patches.

This time however it seems we are back to weekly patches, as the newest Fornite update, Patch v14.60, will follow this format.

But, we do not know if Epic will continue this trend with the next patch.

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Patch Notes

By now, most of you are well aware that Epic does not like to release patch notes for whatever reason.

Instead, we must rely on Epic Games creators to post the patch notes on Twitter the night before the update.

Expect the notes to be revealed late the night before the update.

New Skins – Black Panther and Venom

StonewallTabor posted the following image the day the season released, as it was a part of the releases comics Marvel and Fortnite collaborated on.

New Mavel Skins 329x500 2
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New Weapons - Slurp Bazooka


Another leaked item that was noted a few patches ago is the Slurp Bazooka.

This item we assume is going to work the same as the Bandage Bazooka; which can either heal yourself or your team mates.

The Slurp aspect of the item will be shield rather than white health, so high valued items for sure!

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