Fortnite: UFOs Vaulted Again but Impulse Grenades Stay

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When it comes to Fortnite's biggest talking points, nothing compares to the hype around items being vaulted and unvaulted. With Epic Games constantly making changes to their premier battle royale, vaulting is commonplace.

The most recent victim of vaulting might be one of the strangest of the current season, however, only being unvaulted for a single weekend before being tucked away once again. Here's what we know about the latest vaulted Fortnite item.


Fortnite UFOs Vaulted...Again

Fortnite UFOs have been vaulted again.

After only being unvaulted ahead of the weekend for an in-game event, UFOs have once again been sent back to the dark void where all Fortnite items go once they've been removed from the battle royale.

This decision was made purely for balancing reasons as while the UFO can be pretty fragile and is easily destroyed, the ability to fly across the map and fire powerful beams at opponents on the ground is quite a powerful tool to have, especially in the late game.


The UFO wasn't the only item to be unvaulted in Fortnite this weekend, however, as the impulse grenades also saw their long-awaited return to the battle royale.

Impulse Grenades Fortnite were not vaulted

Despite being re-introduced at the same time as the UFOs, the impulse grenades have actually stuck around for a little bit longer, still being available in the game but with a decreased spawn rate after the event has finished.

Much like the boogie bombs which were unvaulted for the No Sweat Summer events, Impulse grenades will likely stick around until the end of the season before the weapon re-shuffle due to arrive with Fortnite Season 4.