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Fortnite: Operation Snowdown introduces two new weapons

Fornite Chapter 2 Season 5 kicked off with a bang earlier this month and has been packed full of content so far.

Its only about to get bigger as the 15.10 update and Winterfest 2020 are right around the corner.

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Two New Weapons Coming To Fortnite

During Winterfest 2020 it has been leaked that two new weapons will be coming to the game.

These are variations of old and existing weapons, but with an icy twist.

According to Mang0e the Burst Assault Rifle will be making a return, as well as a new variation of the P90 (Epic/Legendary SMG).

Here is all of the information we have so far about the weapons:

Brrrrst Assault Rifle - Burst Assault Rifle that would "freeze" your opponents.
Frozen Submachine Gun - A compact submachine gun that would make your opponents freeze feet and slide.

The Burst Assault Rifle being able to freeze opponents will make it a very important weapon to carry, as freezing an opponent will almost always guarantee the elimination.

AUG: The popular AUG may be making a return to Fortnite during Winterfest.
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AUG: The popular AUG may be making a return to Fortnite during Winterfest.

Due to being an Exotic weapon it will come with a hefty price tag, meaning players can't use it every match.


The Frozen Submachine Gun will act like the Icy Chiller Grenades where they add ice to the opponents feet and causes them to slide.

In the past players mainly used these Grenades on themselves to give themselves the ability to traverse the map quickly.

It is unlikely you will be able to use the SMG on yourself, but you may be able to shoot your team mates to give them the effect.

When Is The 15.10 Update?

Updates are usually between a Tuesday and Thursday, so expect the update sometime between December 15-17.

However, the next set of collaboration skins are due to be released on December 16 (Wednesday), so it is likely the update will be on December 15 and the new skins will appear in the next Item Shop rotation after they are added to the in-game files.

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Winterfest 2020

In 2019 we got Winterfest, a holiday themed event to see players through the holidays while Epic Games took some much needed time off.


Every day players got to unwrap a present which included skins, music packs, and other cosmetics.

There was also many changes to the map, with it covered it snow and other holiday themed decorations.

While not officially confirmed by Epic Games, it is expected we will get another Winterfest, or at least something very similar.

Leaked Snowmando Skin

A video has been leaked that shows Christmas skins that have yet to be released in-game.

The video shows the unreleased Snowmando skin, which was added during the 15.00 update.


This means that we will likely see the skin in the Item Shop over the next week or 2.

Snowmando is also holding the Snowball Launcher, a Christmas themed version of the Grenade Launcher.

LEAKED: The snowball launcher and planes could return in the 15.10 update.
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LEAKED: The snowball launcher and planes could return in the 15.10 update.

It is very likely that the Snowball Launcher will be making a return to the game with the upcoming 15.10 update, which should happen next week.


There is also a skin that looks like a candy cane in the background of the video, a potential new skin that has to be added.

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Planes Could Be Returning

One interesting note is that the X-4 Stormwing plane is seen in the video too.

Planes were added to the game during Chapter 1 Season 7, also a Christmas themed season.

These garnered backlash from players due to being overpowered, I never found them to be much of a problem after they were initially nerfed.

Season 7 also saw the Air Royale LTM added to the game, very fun for players of dogfighting games such as Ace Combat.

We haven't seen the planes in the game since, so maybe we will see them again with the 15.10 update.

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