Fortnite Trio FNCS: All Confirmed Trios - Bugha, Benjyfishy, Zayt and More!

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The current season of Fortnite is well underway.

Now competitive players are gearing up for the next wave of events.


Trio FNCS is just around the corner and there are an ample amount of teams formed.

Here they are!

North-America East

The most populated region in North America also has some of the most prominent players such as Fortnite World Cup solo winner Bugha.

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There has already been a flurry of teams announced.

Check out all the confirmed ones so far below:

  • Bugha, Chap and Jamper
  • Vivid, Cizlucky and Lazarp
  • Clix, Nosh and Zyfa
  • Scoped, Ceice and Assault
  • Furious, Riversan and illest
  • Zayt, Saf and Stretch
  • Bizzle, Dubs and Megga
  • AV, Knight and RogueShark
  • Zexrow, Chaotic and Unknownarmy
  • Edgeyy, Cented and Commandment
  • Kodi, Klass and 7EO
  • Bucke, Kreo and Khanada
  • Posick, Xccept and Deroller
  • Clarity, Nittle and Mikey
  • Coop, TabzG and skqttles

WINNER - Who will come out on top?


Some would argue that the EU region is still the best in the world.


With a younger demographic they have some of the best players in the world. Some of these seem all but locked in for the grand finals.

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Below are some of the confirmed teams!

  • Benjyfishy, Savage and LeTsHe
  • Mongraal, mitr0 and Tayson
  • Noahreyli, aqua and rezon
  • Refsgaard, keJseR and Skram
  • Keziixrr, JannisZ and xsqueezierr
  • Queasy, Milan and Chapix
  • FlowiS, Endretta and Louis
  • Tschiinken, Pepper and fledermoys
  • Hardfind, Astro and Michael
  • Kylix, Mexe and verox
  • 7tor, l1nk and Kiryache

We will be sure to update these lists when more trios get announced!


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