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Fortnite: What could the Travis Scott Event mean for Call of Duty Warzone?

Fortnite are well known for their incredible in-game events, and they have not disappointed.

With millions of people taking part and tuning in, Fortnite appears to have set the bar very high and showcased how successful such events can be.

The latest exciting news of the Fortnite & Travis Scott event - Astronomical dropped recently, and it could be set to be even bigger than the previous concert.

With the popularity of these events, it would be understandable if other hugely successful and highly played games started to introduce their own versions.

With that in mind, let's explore what the upcoming Fortnite event could mean for Call of Duty: Warzone, and how likely it could be to see Warzone hold any 'Fortnite Style Events' for players in the future?

At a glance

Let's firstly take a brief look at both Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone.


Fortnite's events are particularly varied, and have drawn in enormous crowds either watching in-game, or viewing online.

To date, we have seen record breaking concerts with some huge acts - Marshmello in particular had 10.7 million people attend.

We've also seen meteors that have crashed onto the map and one of the biggest events of them all - a complete blackout over the course of two days.

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FIRST EVER: EDM DJ Mashmello held the first Fortnite concert


Call of Duty: Warzone is no stranger to breaking records either. Most recently the game reached over 50 million players!

Call of Duty also does a great job of releasing quality content every season.

Currently in Season 3, we've seen new maps, new guns, new vehicles, new skins and new characters return!

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SAY CHEESE: New weapons and skins are commonplace in new seasons


Could Warzone start introducing 'Fortnite Style Events'?

So how likely could it be that Warzone would introduce an event which could be similar that of Fortnite's - be it a live and dynamic map change?

As this point there is no official confirmation from Infinity Ward that they will introduce 'Fortnite style events' - however one article does share some information about what could be in store for the future.

Taylor Kurosaki, the narrative director at Infinity Ward spoke to VentureBeat about some of the potential and exciting plans for the future surrounding the narrative to Warzone.

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He explored how the narratives of Call of Duty are woven together across different game modes. For example, a cinematic at the end of the campaign leads into Specs Ops, and a cinematic for multiplayer also links in with Warzone.

He also responded to the mention of Fortnite and its events (such as the eclipse)

'That’s exactly the kind of thing that we’re working on, that we have planned.'

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MAP CHANGE? What kind of event would fit in with the Call of Duty narrative?


While this is not an official confirmation of 'Fortnite style events' making an appearance in the future, it could be seen as an indicator that something may be in the works.

With no confirmation on this, people have been understandably making guesses as to what this could mean for the future of Call of Duty: Warzone.

One such reported example involves a theory that the dam in the map may burst and flood the area.

dam warzone menu modern warfare map infinity ward
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A DAM GOOD IDEA: Some fans are theorising that the structure could burst and change the map


With the popularity of both games and their place within modern gaming culture, it is certainly an exciting time to see how they develop.

Dynamic map changes and events are huge and exciting draws for many, however time will tell if we see any of these events in Warzone in the future.

Until then, we have the imminent Astronomical event in Fortnite to look forward to!

For everything on Warzone, Fortnite and more - keeping checking back in.

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