Fortnite: The Device Event Map Changes - All Confirmed Changes Ahead of Season 13!

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The season-ending event before the release of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has finally happened.

Midas' plan finally played out in front of us, and he left some notable map changes that may stay for the new season.

We don't know yet if these will change when the new season releases on Wednesday, but here's what we can see so far!


The Agency

This is perhaps the most suspect area that would feel the impact of the event.

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As in the weeks leading up to The Device event, data miners were able to uncover what The Agency would look like after the event.

They were spot on, as it appears The Agency is going to need some major renovations before next season.

Agency Doomsday 3
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BOOM - There Goes The Agency!



After the event, there is now a wall of water surrounding the map, that may, or may not crash down on the area below!

How this will have an effect on the upcoming season is still to be seen, but we're surely in for a treat.

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