Fortnite The Device Event: LATEST Updates, Season 3 Teaser Revealed, Janice is Envoy? Details, Map Changes, Leaks, News, Teasers & more

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We are now just a matter of days away from Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3!

The current season has been slowly but surely coming to an end, after a series of delays pushed the new season to Wednesday, 17 June.

Let's take a look at all we know about the season-ending big event, which arrived with a bang - and the incredible aftermath!

Latest update - Janice is Envoy?

One interesting part of the event was when players were transported to an office interactive cutscene.

Recently, a tweet from FireMonkey - Fortnite Intel, appeared to shed some light on the mysteriously entertaining section.

Annotation 2020 06 15 213434
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CAN YOU MAKE SENSE OF IT? The mystery continues...

Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but we imagine we'll get more clarity over the next few days!

First Season 3 teaser revealed

The first Season 3 teaser has been revealed! The post on the official Fortnite Twitter page shows a mysterious image, that already has players speculating hard!

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Map Flooded!

So the map has officially flooded - head on over here for our complete breakdown of the event!

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Agency explodes!

Agency gets blown up, massive pillars start making players float!

Followed by being almost teleported to an office, which you could walk around in 1st person!

Check out the picture below to see how the map looks.

Annotation 2020 06 15 191437
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WAVE TO YOUR FRIENDS: The area on the map is enclosed by a huge amount of water now

Events start

Alarms are sounding around the agency...and pillars coming up from the water!

Capacity Reached

The post on Fortnite Status has just said that the event has seemingly reached maximum capacity.

The good news is, you can head over to your desired channel to watch the event!

Annotation 2020 06 15 183536
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Time confirmed by Epic Games

One of Epic Games' Twitter accounts @FortniteStatus has spilled some details ahead of today's event!

fortnite device event time
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COUNTDOWN - We are just a few hours away from The Device!

As well as the release time, it has said Creative Mode, Party Royale and Battle Lab are all currently disabled.


A tweet posted by Epic Games earlier today teased the upcoming Device event.

Event Teaser
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PLAN - What could be in store for us?

It appears Midas is going to try and break the storm that appears over the Fortnite map!

Countdown Confirmed!

During the recent Fortnite patch V12.60, Epic added a few more strings and related files for the upcoming event.

According to prominent leaker HYPEX, the in-game file for the event countdown was added.

Along with some strings that indicate that the Doomsday Device has moved from Midas' room to an unknown location.

FN Event Countdown
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SOON? We do not know when the event will be!

As of now, we do not know when the event is going to be.

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However, players have suspected that the Doomsday Device is going to be placed in front of The Agency

Mysterious Orbs

During one of the more recent Fortnite updates, some players noticed right away that some mysterious orbs appeared in the lake surrounding The Agency

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Once a few weeks passed by, the orbs all of a sudden started to glow! Credible Fortnite data miners and sources from the community have nicknamed these the Doomsday Devices.

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BOOM? – Could these devices destroy the map?

It appears that The Agency is going to be a large component of this season's event, as we do not know what could happen to the map!


Fortnite data miner HYPEX noticed that Epic Games decided to trigger the first instance of one of the Doomsday cables sometime last week.

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HYPEX was able to dive into the game and uncover all of the cable locations and how they connect to the Doomsday device, which is stored in Midas' room.

The device itself has drawn a lot of comparisons over recent weeks, its presence in the background of the room is daunting for sure.

Peely Skin
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AGENT - Peely could very well save the day!

If you have not seen the video, you can check it out over at HYPEX's twitter or here.

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It is hard to say what Epic Games has in store for us with the season-ending event, but we may have some guesses into what to expect!

Reddit Leaker


Before the V12.50 update, a Reddit post rose to fame as it detailed all sorts of information about the new season, that the person claimed to have inside knowledge about.

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Although it is simply a Reddit post, the user did get one of the leaks right so far. So Fortnite fans are keeping close tabs on the game to see if these leaks are going to pan out.

One of the leaks noted that the map is essentially going to be flooded, or at least large portions of the map are going to be underwater.

fortnite chapter 2 map header feature
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SWIMMING - How will the game play out?

This is by far the most ludicrous leak we have seen thus far, as it would not feel like Fortnite if we were all underwater.

However, this has gotten lots of Fortnite fans wondering if the Doomsday event is going to trigger some sort of underwater explosion and cause this flooding.

For now, we simply have to wait; and keep our eyes peeled for what will come next with the next Fortnite update this week!

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