Fortnite: Terminator set to join Predator in Season 5

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We're not sure if Arnold Schwarzenegger is a fan of Fortnite, but he probably will be soon!

With Predator recently coming to Fortnite, it looks as though another of Arnie's movie greats will be heading to the battle royale title!

Latest News - Terminator and Sarah Connor Hinted

Epic Games released a tweet that hints at the upcoming arrival of both Terminator and Sarah Connor.

It has long been speculated that the Terminator would be coming to Fortnite as the next Hunter, but the transmission says "she'll fit right in", indicating it will be a female Hunter.

Donald Mustard has also confirmed that there will be more than one Hunter coming by using the word "them" in his tweet.

Donald Mustard is very methodically in his wording and nothing he says is by accident and every word has thought behind it.

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Bounty Hunter

The new season of Fortnite features a plethora of Bounty Hunters, including the Manalorian, and it looks as though Arnie is set to join the party!

MANDALORIAN! The Star Wars character is one of the hardest hitting Bounter Hunters around!
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MANDALORIAN! The Star Wars character is one of the hardest hitting Bounter Hunters around!

Predator has been all but confirmed as one of the next batch of Bounty Hunters heading to the title in an upcoming update, and it would appear that the Terminator will join the extraterrestrial on the Island!

Lever Action Shotgun

There is a variety of clues pointing towards the Terminator's arrival, but the main link is in the new shotgun that has recently arrived in the title.

The Lever Action shotgun has joined the Lever Action rifle in the new guns section of the game, but it is the stark similarities with the Terminator's gun from the 1985 release that has got fans talking!

LEVER ACTION! The new shotgun has got fans excited!
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LEVER ACTION! The new shotgun has got fans excited!

That trademark Arny flip is featured between each and every shot of the gun. It's just too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence!

Terminator Arrival

It looks as though the Terminator will be arriving at some point throughout Season 5.


Predator looks set to arrive any day now, with Fortnite releasing an incoming transmission earlier today that suggests his arrival is imminent.

Season 5 is scheduled to last until March 15, and with the Terminator likely to be a key part of the team of Bounty Hunters, we'd expect his arrival to come sooner rather than later!

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