Fortnite: Team Liquid's Poach shifting focus away from competing

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Photo via Team Liquid

Jake "Poach" Brumleve is one of the most well known and highest winning competitive Fortnite players the world has ever seen. Part of the original Team Liquid roster created to compete in squads before the switch to solos and duos, Poach quickly gathered notice around his personality and his high-quality gameplay. 


According to Poach currently sits fifth on the all-time highest earning players in Fortnite, although these rankings are set to change drastically after the Fortnite World Cup Finals next month in New York City. 

Poach failed to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup in solos or duos, coming close in both portions. After the conclusion of the ESL One Katowice Royal, Team Liquid decided to shake things up with their duo pairings. 

Poach and his longtime duo partner Noah "Vivid" Wright parted ways along with the other Team Liquid duo of Tom "72hrs" Mulligan and Ryan "Chap" Chaplo. The four renowned Fortnite players decided to test new partners out within their own team, so we saw the formation of Poach & Chap and 72hrs & Vivid. The change comes after a long-standing relationship between the old duos which both pairs saw immense success on the international stage. Including Fall and Summer Skirmish victories for both pairs. 

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Photo via Poach on YouTube

On June 26, Poach took to his stream to answer some questions regarding his future as a professional player: "I'm going to focus more on streaming, and going that direction with my career within Fortnite." 

In the past, Poach has been very vocal on Twitter on the state of competitiveness for Fortnite or lack thereof: "I don't really enjoy playing Fortnite competitively, because I don't feel the game is very competitive."