Fortnite: Stranger Things portals Appear on The Map

The popular show's new season is set to premiere on July 4

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Stranger Things has been one of the most popular and talked about Netflix series in recent memory, fans have urged the producers to come back for season after season and thanks to their appeal they have. Stranger Things Season 3 will premiere on July 4th, however at the same time Fortnite appears to be collaborating with the mega TV show.  

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Mainstream media collaborating with Fortnite and Epic Games is nothing new nowadays.  In the past, Fortnite has partnered with multiple mainstream outlets, their collaboration with Avengers Endgame before the blockbuster film released was argued as one of the best crossovers in modern gaming history.  More recently we have seen Fortnite partner with John Wick 3 which included the introduction of a new “Wicks Bounty” game mode, two new weapons based on the movie series and a unique set of cosmetics so players can rock their all-black assassin. 

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Some of the first clues towards Epic’s partnership with the Netflix series were seen as early as a few weeks ago. If players make their way towards the newly renovated Mega Mall they can stumble upon Scoops Ahoy, the name of the ice cream parlor inside Starcourt Mall that Steve Harrington and new character Robin work at in the third season of the TV show. Starcourt Mall will open in summer 1985, which is the year in which the new season is set.

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Also, recently discovered was the player’s ability to consume the standing and floating ice cream see by this ice cream parlor, strange right? 

Photo via Epic Games

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So now, the day before the big season premier Fortnite has added the famous portals featured throughout the shows lifetime.  The portals do not exactly work like the ones featured in the show, players will not be transported upside down but instead just to another part of the Mega Mall

Now, we know Mega Mall is quite the task to navigate so players may have a rough go at finding these portals but, there may be a big surprise for avid players tomorrow. 

Will we see a new unique set of skins as we did for the Avengers and John Wick partnerships? If we do they may be the scariest skins Fortnite has ever introduced. 

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Gamescom 2019 is in August and there will be some Fortnite information to follow. Read more about Gamescom here. 

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