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Fortnite Storm The Agency Challenges Revealed! Full List, Rewards, and More!

Around this time last week, Fortnite data miners unveiled some of the next challenges coming to Fortnite.

These were the Storm The Agency challenges, which have now been released to players all over the world

We can assume these are going to be some of the last challenges we can complete before the start of the new season.

Let's take you through all you need to know!

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Full List

Epic released the full list of challenges into the in-game battle pass menu this morning. You can check out the full list of challenges below!

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  • Land at The Agency 0/1
  • Survive Storm Circles 0/10
  • Open a faction locked chest at different Spy Bases 0/3
  • Swim over hatches at The Agency 0/1
  • Eliminate a Henchman at different Safe Houses 0/2


Since there are no more in-game skins for the player to unlock, Epic has decided to boost the amount of XP you gain for completing challenges.

This is probably to enhance the player’s chance of obtaining the elusive Golden Peely skin!

Season 2 battle pass
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PEELY - Has anyone achieved the Golden Peely?


With the now released list of challenges, players can access the in-game menu to view how much XP you are going to get for completing each challenge.

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This time around players can expect 40,000 for completing each challenge!

As well, if players complete certain challenges they will be rewarded with some cosmetic items such as pickaxes or a glider!

Next Week?

As of now, we do not know if Epic has any more plans to release future challenges.

Aura 1
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XP - Epic has rewarded so much XP this season!


Since we have already had ten weeks of challenges, along with the added ones over a couple of weeks, it does not seem that Epic is going to add anymore.

However, keep your eyes peeled on social media over the coming weeks as we never know!

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