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RealOpinions: Fortnite needs squad ranking & divisional system to keep new players engaged

Coronavirus has taken away plenty of sociable activities from people, forcing them to find new ways of connecting and keeping up with friends and that's where Fortnite comes in.

My modest level of 50-something does not reflect my aggressive mediocrity.

Generally, I am a FIFA player. However, during these uncertain times I have found myself enjoying one hour a day in a Fortnite squad with friends that started as an excuse to have a chat.

The niceties are long since lost as our number of Battle Royale wins have risen. This then begs the question, are we actually any good?

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How good are you at Fortnite?

With a complete newcomer to Fortnite in the squad and our
group more accustomed to FIFA than Battle Royale, our expectations were low.

I must say, Fortnite’s match-making codes worked as we enjoyed game after game, session after session against opponents where we held our own. That is what the game should be about.

Rookie Tip - The vaults are a good starting point for novices to collect a strong selection of items from the get-go. Our favourite is The Yacht. Always reliable for a sniper or two and it now has Deadpool protecting it to spice up proceedings.

Fortnite Vault
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ALOHOMORA: Opening the vaults leads to a plethora of items that are either 'Rare' (blue) or better

As the hours stacked up though, our XP levels increased
which seems to happen all too easily, pitting us against seasoned Fortnite

It is the same on any game, the complete dissatisfaction of
being beaten by someone infinitely better than you. Not even having a chance.
Still not knowing where they shot you from or how they assembled Fort Knox in
two seconds flat.

XP levels determine opponents

For this reason, I believe the XP levels are a flawed

My XP level seems to rise rapidly just through playing the game, rather than what I accomplish within it. The rise in my XP rapidly outgrowing my improvement at the game itself.

Fortnite XP Level
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THE NUMBERS MASON, WHAT DO THEY MEAN? As far as I know, my Level 53 just means I have played Fortnite a lot in the last two weeks

Yes, I have improved, as we all have as a squad. But we
still encounter all too frequently a rogue solo operative intent on showing off
(by eliminating all four of us) which puts a downer on our session.

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As a group we actively avoid the various XP Coins scattered
across the map for fear it will bring more of these experts our way.


Time for a change to matchmaking

Could a Pro Clubs / Division Rivals system be implemented
within Fortnite?

Arena is the closest the game has to this, but it is unavailable for Squads. Neither does it show the rating as a Duo or Trio and remains with the individual player level.

Fortnite Game Modes
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SQUAD GOALS! Progress as a team would add a new element to the game.


Also, the XP or Hype level only seems to increase, rather than the rise and fall with wins and losses like on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Division Rivals.

This is where the problem lies for me. As improvements become slower, the XP Level still increases quickly. The disparity between my XP and my actual skill level is then created, resulting in matchmaking with opponents far superior to my limited abilities.

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Understandably in any game there are highs and lows, good
days and bad.

One such good day occurred recently as we amassed three wins from four games on Squads (yes this is a brag), beginning to wonder how good we had become.

Fortnite Squad Stats
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NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT! These modest stats don't reflect a Level 53 surely


These days are few and far between though, with it still
unclear whether it was a superb performance by us or the luck of the Irish with
the matchmaking.

This is where a Squad ranking and a fluid divisional system would provide a gauge as to our collective skill, keeping us at a level we can continue to learn, improve and most importantly enjoy the game.

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