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10 Aug 2020

Fortnite: Soft Aim and why it's ruining Competitive! - What it is, Undetectable, Competitive play and More!

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What is Soft Aim?

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Detection and Anti-Cheat

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Competitive Play

Fortnite's Competitive scene has continued to grow and expand with the addition of new in-game tournaments.

Unfortuneatly, there have been a few issues spreading throughout the game, causing Pros to grow frustrated and stop playing.

Here, we'll cover everything you need to know about Soft Aim, and how it's effecting

What is Soft Aim?

Soft Aim is a new way for hackers to get an advantage over the rest of the player base.

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Soft Aim doesn't effect the motion of movement of the players aim, but instead acts as an auto-trigger.

This effectively gives players perfect reactions.

When the player's crosshair is on top of the enemy, the gun will automatically shoot, giving you pinpoint accuracy every single time.

Detection and Anti-Cheat

The reason this is currently causing an issue in Fortnite is due to its ability to slip past the Anti-cheat undetected.

Anti-cheats are typically looking for abnormal movement or aim, as well as reports from players.

It's very hard for this type of Anti-cheat to detect Soft Aim, as it doesn't involve any kind of movement/input changes.

Competitive Play

Quite a few Fortnite Pro's, such as Cloakzy, have spoken about the issue on their Twitch Stream.

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It's clear this new cheat is causing a host of issues in competitive play, and especially in the FNCS.

It will be interesting to see how Epic tackle this issue, whether it be through an updated Anti-Cheat or a similar piece of software.

Some Pros have decided to step away from Fortnite for now, because of the issues Soft Aim has brought to Fortnite.