Fortnite Skins: Best Reddit Concepts for Chapter 2 Season 2!

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season at long last is approaching; the long-awaited season has been delayed numerous times now but we finally have an official release date.

February 20, 2020 is the confirmed date for Season 2 of Chapter 2, and a lot of players are considering this the make-or-break season for the Epic Games smash title.

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Players and streamers have started experimenting with other games due to a lack of recent updates in Fornite.


Do you even Reddit?

Fortnite's item shop is without a doubt one of the biggest in-game shops in the video game industry. Every night at 7:00 pm EST the shop resets, and most of the time there are some brand new cosmetic items.

Fan-created skins making an appearance in Fortnite is something that although is rare, is something we have seen in the past. Skins such as Aura were fan-made and posted on Reddit, and then eventually made it's way to the item shop.

Let's go over some of the best fan-made skins that were posted on Reddit!

Chug Fish

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FINS UP - We would love to play with Chugfish in-game


Posted on Reddit by user arkheops this skin is one of the funniest ones we have seen on Reddit. We can assume this skin was inspired by Fish Stick, the current fish skin in the game which is also based on the Flopper in-game item.

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The skin itself is based off the Slurp Fish, by far the best healing item in the game and is also another fish found within fishing holes.

We personally love the facial features on this skin, the massive eyes really add to its joyful character and would be worth a purchase.


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SCHOOL OF ROCK - Please let us see this Moaiman skin!


The next skin on our list was one that was the most upvoted from Reddit over the last week, created by easkate.

Moaiman pays homage to the massive stone head that was seen near Tilted Towers and Greasy Grove. This was also the location of multiple rift locations, and this was easily one of the best sources for stone on the map.

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Moaiman is one of the best-made skins we have seen in quite some time, the attention to detail is quite spectacular compared to other fan-made skins.

Multiple comments on the Reddit post even claim they thought it was a real skin until they read the title; maybe this will be one we see in the Fortnite item shop soon!


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POGGERS - Who wouldn't love that back bling?


Moving over to steamer skins, with the introduction of the Fortnite Icon Series, which is going to bring an ample amount of gaming-related skins into the game; Dennidavidson created a Pokimane one!

The Twitch star most recently had a emote just in the Fortnite item shop, as part of the Fortnite Tik Tok emote contest.

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Pokimane is without a doubt one of the most popular content creators out there right now; her popularity has exploded in recent years and it seems she already has a growing relationship with Fortnite.

This skin concept looks identical to the streamer, and we can assume since she already has an emote in the game, a skin is probably not too far behind.

The different styles that they have designed are also a great touch, along with our personal favorite - the back bling!