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Fortnite How to Set Up Crossplay For PC and Mac: Epic Games Account, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & More

Fortnite Crossplay was first trialled in beta back in late-September 2018, and now it's hard to imagine a world without it!

However, it's not as simple as turning on the console and joining a game - you'll have to download the Epic Games Launcher and do a few things before you can join your mates on other platforms.

Continue reading for all the details on setting up crossplay for PC and Mac.

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Crossplay for Mac and PC

On Mac and PC, you need to download the Epic Games Launcher to play Fortnite. 

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DEAGLE: This pocket rocket is rumoured to be returning in the next seasonal update!


You’ll sign in there with your Epic Games account, so that anyone on mobile, PS4 or Xbox One who’s in a cross-platform party can appear in your match.

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However, if you're playing solos, you'll only play against other Mac and PC players, so do this if don’t want to play with anyone from other platforms.

Set up for Xbox

First things first – you can only play cross-platform with people that you’re friends with on your Epic account.

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BETTER TOGETHER: Why wasn't crossplay introduced sooner? Well, it's actually pretty complex...


This, of course, is different from your PS4 or Xbox One friend list, so head over to EpicGames.com and make an account.

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Next, download the Epic Launcher, open it and log into your account.

Click the silhouette in the top right corner and enter your friend’s Epic email address or username and hit OK.

Now, when you click the silhouette you’ll be able to see all of your friends – simply highlight the name and select ‘join party’ to enter their lobby.

Will we see Cross-Gen?

Having been confirmed during Epic Games’ stint at Summer Games Fest, Fortnite has been confirmed to appear on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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NEW HORIZONS: We’re hoping to see cross-generation play implemented once the PS5 and Xbox Series X launch


However, we've heard very little about cross-gen play between current and next-gen consoles, and even less on how it will work between next-gen consoles.

That said, the feature is very much in the conversation for expected features in the build-up to the launch of next-gen consoles at the end of 2020.

We will be back with an update when new information is released!

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