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Fortnite Servers Return With Update 18.00

Fortnite servers have been down for Update 18.00 following the conclusion of Operation Sky Fire, but they're not back online once more.

The downtime lasted for about 12 hours, following the event, but it's all over now and you can get back to those Victory Royales.

Latest - Servers Back Online

Following the downtime, the servers are back online. You now download the 18.00 update and jump into the action.

There is new themed skins to unlock, a new battle pass to work through, and new weapons to craft.

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Fortnite Update 18.00

This is the eighteenth major Fortnite Update and celebrates the arrival of Chapter 2, Season 8. This update doesn't follow the traditional pattern of taking place on a Tuesday but that's for good reason!

We knew a few days ago that Epic was preparing to take the servers down as soon as Operation Sky Fire ended. We expect servers could be back online by 10:00 BST / 05:00 EST / 02:00 PST at the earliest.

This could likely last longer and even through into Tuesday depending on what Epic has planned. We know that the Season 7 Battle Pass, Quests and content all ended when matchmaking was disabled before Sky Fire.

Fortnite Season 8

We're still no clearer on exactly what is coming as part of Fortnite Season 8 but Update 18.00 will bring a lot more context. Season 7 was a hit with the long-term community and new players alike so the new season has a lot to live up to.

The story has been one of the strongest factors to the last season and we hope that continues moving forward. One request from the community has been in regards to 'grindy' objectives. The Kymera skin was the perfect example of this.

You would need to collect the Alien Artifacts every week as well as collecting them from Cosmic Chests in squad-based modes. These chests also didn't work for a large portion of the season if you had a teammate drop out of the game. If there is going to be something similar in Season 8, it needs to be much less effort to engage with and complete.

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