28 Sep 2021 3:18 PM +00:00

LIVE UPDATES: Fortnite Servers are LIVE following Update 18.10

Fortnite Update 18.10 is complete and servers are back online. It's the first major update of Season 8 and looks like one of the biggest in recent memory.

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We'll keep you up to date with all the latest leaks and info throughout the server downtime. There is also set to be an announcement regarding the XP grind due tomorrow but a fix could be seen today as part of the update.

LATEST - Patch Notes Available

The Patch Notes detailing the changes across Fortnite's three main game modes are now available following Update 18.10.


Servers are live!

After just over an hour of downtime, the Fortnite servers are back online. Jump in and check out all of the new content and features. Patch Notes should be available later today.

Steamy Stacks damage confirmed

The damage done to Steamy Stacks is now confirmed but doesn't seem as bad as initially feared. As expected, it looks like the damage was done by one of those pesky cubes.


New NPC's Confirmed

There are four new NPCs being added in Fortnite Update 18.10 and it appears that challenge XP has now been boosted to a flat 30,000 XP.


First Fortnitemares Weapon Leaked?

We have our first look at the Dual Fiend Hunters which could be linked to this years Fortnitemares event. Due to the fact they will be available in all rarities, it's expected that these will be added as a standard weapon throughout the event.


Download Sizes Revealed

The update file sizes have been revealed for Fortnite 18.10. On Xbox consoles, it comes in at 16GB. For Nintendo Switch, you can expect a 7.5GB file and for PlayStation, it's much smaller at just under 4GB. PC is also on the smaller side coming in close to the size of the PlayStation update.


Fortnite Update 18.10 Size

Early signs suggest that Fortnite Update 18.10 is one of the biggest in recent months. It has been tested a record number of times and apparently contains over 1000 builds, which indicate how much content is being changed/added.


Fortnite has already noted that the download size on Xbox and Nintendo consoles will be larger than usual. This is more than likely down to overall file optimisation rather than how much content is coming in the update.

Will Steamy Stacks be destroyed?

In a recent trailer released by Fortnite, a shot could be seen of a destroyed/damaged Steamy Stacks. The community was quick to jump on the images and suggest that big changes could be coming soon.


We still don't have any additional context on the moving cubes and where that is leading. It could be that the two are connected in some manner. We do know that the cubes are set to stop moving on Friday, 1 October.

This is likely to be when we learn more about the next chapter in the Season 8 story. There's also a change we learn who the mystery Battle Pass character is then too. We had plenty of POI changes during Season 7 and were not expecting that to continue in Season 8. It remains to be seen whether this is a one-off event or just the start of a chain of POI changes and alterations.