New Fortnite LTM could be a first look at Season 6

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is nearly over, with just a few days left to go before the new season begins.

Before that, we will get the Zero Crisis Finale event which will conclude the season and bring us into Season 6.

But have we already gotten a few look at a new item that could be coming next season?

A First Look At Season 6

Recently a new LTM was added to the game called Bodyguard.


In the mode, which is squad-based, there is one VIP which the rest of the squad has to protect, if the VIP is eliminated then so is the squad.


But, one great feature the VIP has is the Revive Grenade, which instantly revives a downed teammate with full health and shield.

Here is the official description of the LTM taken from the game.

"Suit up, it's time to protect the VIP!
In Bodyguard, each squad has a VIP.
Everyone else is a bodyguard sworn to defend them.
If a squad's VIP is eliminated then the whole squad is out.
VIPs are vulnerable.
They're marked to all enemies and can't pick up weapons.
But, they aren't helpless either.
VIPs spawn with a Legendary pistol and a rechargeable Revive Grenade."

New Season 6 Item?

The Revive Grenade could be a glimpse at new mechanics that could be coming in Season 6.

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In games such as Call of Duty: Warzone there are mechanics such as the Self Revive, which allows players to revive themselves once downed.

Call of Duty Warzone Self Revive Kit In Game
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There is also the gulag which allows eliminated players a chance to fight to return to the match.


With the ability to revive teammates using an item, this could be a sign that this is coming to the main game too.

It also seems like Gold Bars will be getting revamped next season too.

This could also be an avenue to add some of these mechanics, such as allowing players to purchase these items with Gold Bars like players buy them with cash in Warzone.

Fortnite, as well as other Battle Royales games, are no strangers to using ideas from other games, such as the reboot van.

So this makes it entirely plausible that a mechanic like this could be coming in the upcoming season.