Fortnite Secret Skin Rumours: Wolverine, Wolverine Claws, Season 4, and more

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There's certainly been a lot of drama in the world of Fortnite recently, with the game's removal from both the App Store and Google Store.

However, now a well known Fortnite leaker has shared a Tweet which may have fans 'clawing' for more information.


Here's what we know.

Wolverine Skin?

The Tweet from Hypex can be viewed below, and appears to suggest that there may have been plans for a Wolverine Skin and Wolverine Claws Pickaxe for Fortnite.

To stress, this is by no means confirmed by Epic, so remember to take this information with a hefty pinch of salt. It may be an exciting rumour, but it's a rumour nonetheless!

image 16

Hypex goes on to write that it might be a Season 4 secret skin, or just available in the item shop.

However even if the information is from a 'very trusted source', and even with Hypex themselves being a good source of reliable information in the Fortnite community - with no official confirmation as of yet, we can only speculate.

How likely is it?

Well, we have seen numerous comic book characters appear in the game, and the spread is divided between DC Comics and Marvel too.


Captain America, Black Widow, Batman, and of course Aquaman have all featured in the game, so it could be likely that Wolverine would make an appearance too.

If the rumours are true, we'd love to see which form Wolverine will be taking. Will he be 'Old Man Logan', or closer to the original comics with his bright yellow and black outfit and enormous claws!

For more on this story as it develops be sure to check back in with us.