Fortnite Season 9 Story: Jonesy, The Flipside, Black Hole & More

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The story of Fortnite Season 8 has been a centre stage so far and is one that has the community captivated despite unrevelling in a very slow and methodical way. We can't remember the time the entire fanbase was so engrossed with everyone constantly wanting to know what's next. It's this quality storytelling that has been prevalent through the last two seasons and is set to continue into Season 9.

Back before Season 8 started, Donald Mustard was very outspoken in claiming that Season 8, 9 and 10 were set to be his favourite parts. Does this mean we're in the middle of a trilogy? One thing we do know is when Season 9 is set to start and where the story might take us.

Fortnite Season 9 Story

We're not yet sure where the Season 8 story will leave us, but all signs suggest that the Cube Queen will leave her mark on the island soon. In fact, if rumours are to be believed, she may change the island as we know it.


This is where the theories have arisen that Fortnite Chapter 3 is what's next instead of Season 9. As strong as the case is in favour of this, it just feels too soon to transition to a brand new chapter. That being said, that doesn't mean that we aren't in for some HUGE changes after the big end of season event.

Like with Operation: Sky Fire, we expect an end of season event to take place and help transition us between story points. Mustard has also started to stoke the flames by changing his Twitter header to an image that contains images of the Zero Point and IO Jonesy. With all the variations we've met recently, could this Jonesy be on his way back?


Whatever happens over the next few weeks will be key to determining the future of the Fortnite story into Season 9.