Mystery Fortnite Battle Pass Character: Who is the Cube Queen?

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Fortnite has been pretty great with its Battle Pass, bringing new characters and interesting new equipment. With Season 8, they've pushed it even further, bringing someone more relevant to the game, affecting the in-world story. Here's what we know about the Cube Queen.

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Latest - Cube Queen Set Unveiled

The Cube Queen set, which will be available as special tiers in the Battle Pass, has been revealed. It doesn't go live for a few days yet but we now have an idea of what cosmetics are up for grabs.

The Cube Queen revealed

We finally have concrete evidence of the Cube Queen and she is now starting to pop up. With tonnes of leakers on the job, they've even found screenshots of her working in-game. The queen is a powerful entity capable of controlling all those cubes that have been showing up around the map. This is sure to be a valued skin.


We will find out all about her over the next week.

New Banner Reveal

Finally, our first leak of who the mystery character might be has surfaced, thanks to the recent 18.20 update.


It seems to be the Cube Queen Outfit, so hopefully we'll hear more official details this week.

Season 8 Mystery Character

In the Battle Pass menu, clear as day is a silhouette for the mystery character. It appears to be a feminine figure with a kind of celestial/crystal armor. This makes sense for our idea of the cube queen.

Fortnite Mystery Character

When you click into this section of the Battle Pass, no further detail is given as to who it might be. We can see that there will be 10 unlockable items along with them, but that's it. We do, however, have a release date which appears to be counting down to Thursday, 28 October. Spooky Season.

Is the Mystery Character part of Fortnitemares?

With the dates lining up the way they do, it's very possible that the skin may be tied to an event. I would hazard a guess that it's more tied to the overall season story than something like Halloween though.


Given how the outline of the skin appears and the ongoing moving cube situation, this is where the link is. We still know so little about how the Season 8 story will play out, but this character may have a huge role to play.

We can't wait to see how things play out over the coming weeks. We'll keep you up to date with the latest news and updates on Season 8 right here.