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Everything happening in Fortnite this week

Fortnite Season 7 has been a blast so far and a galactically huge step up from Primal.

With things slowing down a bit around the July Crew Pack and awaiting the Fortnite 17.20 update, it's a good time to look ahead and see what's next.

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Here's everything you need to know about Fortnite Season 7 Week 4, and what's around the corner come update 17.20.

Latest - When Will Fortnite Update 17.20 Arrive?

Fortnite has slowed down its update schedule for some time, but things might speed back up with the intense Season 7.

Fortnite Season 7 Aliens Crop Circle Map Teaser
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THEY'RE HERE: Aliens advance further into Fortnite in Season 7

Season 7 has already been a fan favorite, and things are expected to get even better as the Alien invasion carries through to Fortnite Update 17.20.


There's plenty of room to grow the new season out with map changes, new weapons, game modes, and more, so we have high expectations for Epic Games to keep things moving fast.

With some new teasers about the next step in the Alien invasion storyline, Epic Games is setting the stage for a potential Update 17.20 release this week.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 4 Challenges

While they're not live in-game yet, we do know what the Season 7 Week 4 Epic and Legendary Quests will be, thanks to some leaks following the 17.10 update.

fortnite, season 7, week 4, challenges
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Week 4 Epic Quests

  • Deal damage near an Abductor (1000)
  • Destroy hiding places (3)
  • Destroy Objects at Retail Row, Lazy Lake, Pleasant Park, or Holly Hatchery (5)
  • Experience low gravity with Alien Nanites or on the Mothership (1)
  • Hunt an infected animal (1)
  • Travel in a Saucer (1000)
  • Abduct an opponent with a saucer tractor beam (1)

You will get 30,000 XP for completing each of Epic quests this week.

Week 4 Legendary Quests

Below should be a screenshot of the Week 4 Legendary quests, as revealed by Sharky_Leaks on Twitter.

fortnite week 4
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As you can see, one will earn you 45,000 XP and the others will grant you 30,000 XP.

Loki July Crew Pack

Teased last week, we know that the July 2021 Crew Pack will include a Loki skin for you to use whenever you'd like.

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LOKI: The new Crew Pack skin

While we don't know the full details of the crew pack just yet, we do know that Loki will headline it.

The July 2021 Fortnite Crew Pack should release on Thursday, July 1, although that's yet to be officially confirmed. As soon as it has been revealed, we'll be sure to let you know.


Moving Mothership

You may also have noticed that the massive mothership that's hovering above the Fortnite map has begun to move around somewhat.

@Hypex on Twitter has been tracking its position every day, with it clearly creating a larger shadow over the map as the hours pass.

What exactly this means for Fortnite this week, we're not sure, but it's clearly leading up to something, so keep an eye on the sky.


Looking Ahead to 17.20 Update

While we're not expecting a patch to release this week, in Week 4 of Season 7, but we might do next week.

If Epic Games are continuing with the trend of releasing patches every two weeks, July 6 will be the release date of 17.20.

We'll keep an eye out for links and will let you know if we spot any. We wouldn't be surprised if the moving mothership plays into some of the new features.