How Big is the Download for Fortnite's Season 7 Update?

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Fortnite's Season 7 is finally here, adding aliens and all things extra-terrestrial to the game.

As you get ready to actually get into the update, to check out the theme for Season 7 and take a look at everything new, you'll want to know how long you might have to wait.

That's why we're here with an answer to just how big will the download size for Fortnite Season 7's update is.

Fortnite Season 7 Download Size
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HOW MANY GB'S - Fortnite seasonal updates can vary wildly in size

Fortnite Season 7 Update Download Size


Fortnite updates vary in size from season to season, depending on the amount of content contained within and the extent of the changes to the Island (some of which have been rather drastic).

As the update is released slowly on each platform, we're still working out the download size of the Fortnite Season 7 update, so we'll keep updating this page.

Below is what we know so far about what the Fortnite Season 7 Update Download Size is:

  • PC - 7.77 GB
  • Xbox One - 6.38 GB
  • Xbox Series X|S - 6.4 GB
  • PS4 - 5.419 GB
  • PS5 - 3.922GB
  • Nintendo Switch -
  • Mobile -

Obviously, the SSD's of next-generation consoles help with the download size, as you can see from the comparison above.

We do know that Season 7 is also bringing new graphical features to the PC version of the game, so expect that to have an impact on the overall update size.

Fortnite Season 7 Update Release Time

Downtime for the upcoming season should begin between 2-4 am EST/7-9 am BST on June 8, but Epic Games will confirm the time on June 7th.