How Long Will Fortnite Server Downtime for Season 7 Last?

The next Fortnite update is here, finally. Following various teases and too many cosmetics collaborations to count, we now know what Season 7 will entail.

Season 7 is alien themed and, as always, there will be a period of downtime to suffer through before you can jump into the new content. We've got everything you need to know about how long that will last.

Latest - Fortnite Season 7 Server Downtime Is Over

The Fortnite's Season 7 update went live this morning on all platforms and you can download it now.

As of 9:15am BST/4:15am ET, the servers went back up, so you can jump into everything new and check out the alien themed world.

Fortnite Season 7 Server Downtime Teasers
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CLARK KENT TEASER? - We still don't really know what's coming to Fortnite Season 7

Following the They're Coming teases, you can now check out all of the changes to the Fortnite Island. You can check out the Story Trailer for Season 7 below for more on what to expect.


Update Download Size

Before you jump in following the downtime, you'll need to download the update file.

Below is what we know so far about what the Fortnite Season 7 Update Download Size is on all platforms:

  • PC - 7.77 GB
  • Xbox One - 6.38 GB
  • Xbox Series X|S - 6.4 GB
  • PS4 - 5.419 GB
  • PS5 - 3.922GB
  • Nintendo Switch -
  • Mobile -

Obviously, the SSD's of next-generation consoles help with the download size, as you can see from the comparison above.

We do also know that Season 7 is introducing new graphical features to the PC version of the game, but it doesn't seem like that had too great of an impact on the size.

Of course, Epic Games releases new updates every couple of weeks, so you'll have to download more throughout Season 7.