2 New Weapons Are Coming To Fortnite Season 7

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Despite the presence of no world altering events in Fortnite Season 7, it's proving to be the most popular season in Chapter 2 so far with fans. This could be down to a slow and steady release of content as oppose to a start of season overload.

We now know about two more weapons coming to Season 7 and they're far from ordinary!

Two New Weapons In Fortnite Season 7

The weapons in question are the Cowinator and the Prop Gun. According to @HYPEX over on Twitter, they are in fact Season 7 weapons but didn't specify when they would arrive.

The Cowinator has been seen already in the Season 7 Battle Pass trailer as Rick uses it on a taxi cab. The weapon appears to be able to pick up heavy objects and throw them a short distance. Depending on the object you select, this could be used to cause some serious damage.

The other weapon in question is the Prop Gun. This has featured before in the game but is making a return. According to the tweet, it will allow you to transform yourself into a selected object, but notify all enemies around you that you've transformed every 30 seconds.

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When Will The New Weapons Be Available

We don't currently know when the weapons will be live. It appears as though they'll just be placed into the rotation for the remainder of the season. We would not expect them to stick around after Season 7 has concluded.

Fortnite Season 7 Rick prop gun cowinator
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The teases we received for Rick in Season 7

It will be interesting to see if the weapons are random drops and spawns or if you have to perform an action to acquire them like the Kymera Ray Gun. I would expect the weapons to be available in game soon, hopefully before Superman's arrival.

We'll keep you up to date when the weapons arrive in-game.

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