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Fortnite Season 7 Live Event Countdown

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Fortnite Season 7 is finally here and you can jump into the action very soon.


The theme for the new season is aliens, as expected, so we'll see all kinds of weird stuff around the map.

As we wait for the event to kick off the season, here's everything you need to know about it.

Latest - Season 7 Update Is Here!

The Season 7 update is now live on all platforms. We're still waiting for the downtime to end before we jump into the live event, but we now know what to expect.

Superman, Rick from Rick & Morty, and many new NPCs have come to the game; here are some cool new weapons, including a Ray Gun; and there is now a Mothership hovering above the centre of the map.

We'll have all the information you need to know about the new season as soon as the downtime is over.

Season 7 Trailer Scheduled

Following a new round of teases, which hinted at the Rick & Morty crossover, Epic Games has released the Season 7 trailer on YouTube.

It went live at 7am BST/2am ET on June 8, with the downtime beginning pretty much immediately.

It shows off the aliens in action, gives sneak peeks at some of the skins coming as part of the new season, and introduces the new NPCs. Check it out below.


Event Theme - Aliens & UFOs

You'll probably already know it, but aliens and UFOs are playing a big part in the Season 7 Event.

They've been buzzing around the map already, with players being abducted and taken to other places of the map without asking.

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Teases have said "they're coming" so it's inevitable that they'll be central to Fortnite's next event. How exactly they'll be involved, though, we're not sure. We'll know as soon as the downtime is over.

How to Play

If you're wanting to jump into the event once it is live, it should be nice and easy.

If you load up Fortnite once the Season 7 update file has been downloaded, load up a game of battle royale and you should be throw right into the event, right from the start.

You'll then be able to play through it while the Season 7 new content is activated.


17.00 Patch Notes

Now, patch notes a tricky subject when it comes to Fortnite because Epic Games doesn't exactly release them in full.

They mention a few changes, explain the new features, and players have to work out some other things.

We will include everything here once it's all revealed, but we do know one change that's coming with Season 7, which you can see below.

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