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How to Ride Different Ziplines in Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is underway and it has completely changed everything we knew about the game.

The new crafting and hunting mechanics have shaken up the gameplay and added some depth to the game, whether that's good or bad is your opinion.

Here is how to find and ride ziplines as part of the Season 6 week 2 challenges.

Ride Different Ziplines

Ziplines are a new mechanic in Chapter 2, allowing players to traverse sections of the map very quickly.

To complete this, you need to use five different ziplines on the map.

Here are all of the locations.

Fortnite Season 6 week 2 zip line locations
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Credit: Fortnite.gg

There are also a bunch at The Spire in the centre of the map, but we don't recommend using them if you want to get the challenge done quick as that POI is always heavily contested.

We would recommend either the route from Retail Row to Steamy Stacks or the ziplines on the south-east part of the map going from behind the weather station to Misty Meadows.

Our recommendation would be the Retail to Steamy ones, you will hit the fifth one around Dirty Docks, meaning you can jump off there and get to fighting.

Fortnite Season 6 Week 2 Ride Different Ziplines In Game
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There is also loot at each one so you can defend yourself if another player has the same idea.

We also recommend doing this immediately from the Battle Bus.

Either glide to Retail or Steamy and land on the first zipline before touching the floor.

The challenge will be complete within 30 seconds of landing if you do it immediately so you don't need to worry about rotations and fighting as most players are too busy looting at that point.

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