Fortnite Season 6 Foreshadowing Challenge guide

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is almost at an end and Season 7 is right upon us.

Before the end of the season we have the brand new Foreshadowing Quests to complete and we will likely see a Season 6 end of season event.

Here are the brand new Foreshadowing Quests.

Foreshadowing Quests

Over the coming days we will see each of the Foreshadowing Challenges unlock, giving players a small teaser into what we could expect next season, as well as some final XP, to finish off the Battle Pass.

Here are all of the Foreshadowing Challenges and their rewards.

  • Repair Damaged Telescopes (5) - 24,000 XP
  • Use CB Radio (1) - 24,000 XP
  • Investigate Downed Helicoptor (1) - 24,000 XP
  • Place Warning Signs At Crop Circles (5) - 24,000 XP
  • Destroy Spooky TV Sets (5) - 24,000 XP

Fortnite Season 6 Week 11 Challenges

The week 11 challenges leaked ahead of time, as part of the game files released in an update. They were revealed by iFireMonkey on Twitter and you can check them out down below.

Epic Quests

Here are the Fortnite Season 6 week 11 Epic Quests. We'll be sure to link to individual breakout guides once we have them:

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 11 Epic Quests
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  • Maintain full shield for 1 minute (1)
  • Use bandages (3)
  • Play different game modes (3)
  • Spend gold bars with Deadfire (1)
  • Eliminate an opponent at a distance greater than 25 meters (1)
  • Place a spirit crystal at the tallest mountain (1)
  • Visit GHOST and SHADOW ruins (1)

Each Epic Quest is worth 24,000 XP, meaning that completing them all with net players 168,000 XP, or about two levels.

Legendary Quests

Here are the Season 6 week 11 Legendary Quests:

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 11 Legendary Quests
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  • Deal damage with dual pistols (1500/3000/4500/6000/7500)

But, you need to be quick because the Legendary Quest will only be in the game for one week before disappearing.

If you're a little confused about the legendary quest, it's worth noting that Dual Pistols were unvaulted as part of the 16.50 update.

Therefore, if you haven't played Fortnite in a few days, don't worry, the Dual Pistols are in the game for you to use.

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