Fortnite Season 5 Week 3 Quests: Release Date, Time, Rewards, How To Complete Them

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is in full swing now, having released on December 2nd.

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Season 5 has brought lots of chaos to the map, as well as bringing Hunters such as Kratos and Master Chief to the game.

Week 3 Quests


This season Challenges have become Quests, as the season is focused around NPCs who give you Quests and Bounties to complete.

iFireMonkey has leaked what the Quests will be this week.

However, they may be incomplete as so far we have seen Epic and Legendary Quests, but so far only Legendary Quests have been leaked, with a single Epic Quest, so this will change over time.

When it does we will update the list.

The Legendary Quest this week is:


Eliminations while in a Vehicle (3/6/9/12/15)

Right now the only vehicles in the game are cars and boats, Choppas were removed at the end of Season 4.

There is a possibility that the X4-Stormwing planes may be making a return with the 15.10 update, so that would add another vehicle to complete this challenge with.

The new challenges will go live after the 15.10 update so that could further hint at planes coming back as the new challenges focus around vehicles.

It is also possible the Epic Quests are related to the planes so they are currently marked as placeholders so it doesn't get leaked early.

Winterfest 2020

Last year we got Winterfest, which saw snow come to the world of Fortnite, new weapons, as well as a bunch of presents to unwrap.

It is expected to take place again and will likely begin some time around December 17-18.


Leaked Snowmando Skin

A video has been leaked that shows Christmas skins that have yet to be released in-game.

The video shows the unreleased Snowmando skin, which was added during the 15.00 update.


This means that we will likely see the skin in the Item Shop over the next week or 2.

Snowmando is also holding the Snowball Launcher, a Christmas themed version of the Grenade Launcher.

LEAKED: The snowball launcher and planes could return in the 15.10 update.
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LEAKED: The snowball launcher and planes could return in the 15.10 update.

It is very likely that the Snowball Launcher will be making a return to the game with the upcoming 15.10 update, which should happen next week.


There is also a skin that looks like a candy cane in the background of the video, a potential new skin that has to be added.

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Planes Could Be Returning

One interesting note is that the X-4 Stormwing plane is seen in the video too.

Planes were added to the game during Chapter 1 Season 7, also a Christmas themed season.

These garnered backlash from players due to being overpowered, I never found them to be much of a problem after they were initially nerfed.

Season 7 also saw the Air Royale LTM added to the game, very fun for players of dogfighting games such as Ace Combat.

We haven't seen the planes in the game since, so maybe we will see them again with the 15.10 update.


Daryl and Michonne

During The Game Awards, it was revealed that Daryl and Michonne from The Walking Dead will be making their way to Fortnite Season 5.

A trailer was shown that saw Daryl and Michonne taking on a horde of Walkers before Agent Jones appeared, grabbed them, and teleported them to the Fortnite universe.

Now instead of fighting hordes of Walkers, they have 98 other players to fend off instead.

Watch the reveal trailer below:

Both character models work extremely well in Fortnite, and if there are two characters from The Walking Dead that suit Fortnite, its Daryl and Michonne.


In the trailer we see Daryl using his trademark crossbow, while Michonne is carrying her trusty sword.

The thumbnail shows Michonne with the sword and Daryl with two hunting knives, these are likely the Harvesting Tools that will come with the characters.

It would also be a great opportunity to reintroduce the Crossbow into the game, maybe making Daryl's Crossbow a Mythic/Exotic weapon.

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