Fortnite XP Xtravaganza Week 1: Use Rifts Locations Guide

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is in full swing with about 4 weeks left before the season ends.

Season 4 began on August 27th and was originally due to end on November 30th, but now has been delayed until December 3rd.

To keep players occupied now that the 10 weeks of challenges are out, Epic Games have released the XP Xtravaganza challenges.


XP Xtravaganza Challenges Week 1

In previous seasons Epic Games have released Overtime Challenges to keep players occupied and still playing the game while they wait for the next season.

The XP Xtravaganza challenges have been released and the first set are labelled as week 1, meaning we will likely see new ones added every week for the next 3-4 weeks before the end of Chapter 2 Season 4.

All of the challenges are team challenges, meaning that if any members of your party do something that works towards it then it will count for you too.

Additionally, all but one are in stages, meaning once you complete a challenge another part will appear.

Overall this gives players a total of 13 challenges to complete.

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The challenges are:

  • Deal Damage With Scoped Weapons (3 Stages) - 20,000 XP each
  • Use Superpowers To Eliminate Opponents (3 Stages) - 20,000 XP each
  • Use Rifts (Stage 1) - 20,000 XP
  • Drive Cars Or Trucks Through Rifts (Stage 2) - 20,000 XP
  • Use Rifts In A Single Match (Stage 3) - 20,000 XP
  • Upgrade Weapons to Uncommon Rarity (Stage 1) - 20,000 XP
  • Upgrade Weapons to Rare Rarity (Stage 2) - 20,000 XP
  • Upgrade Weapons to Epic Rarity (Stage 3) - 20,000 XP
  • Visit All Named Locations In A Single Match - 50,000 XP

Use Rifts

Dotted around the map are various rifts.

These are sparkling balls of energy that, when you use them, instantly transport you to max height and then you can use your glider to travel long distances across the map.

Fortnite XP Xtravaganza Week 1 Use Rifts
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FLY HIGH: Rifts transport you to max height so you can glide long distances.

The first stage is to use Rifts, then drive cars or trucks into Rifts, before finally using multiple Rifts in the same match.

Here is a map of the current Rift locations across the map:

fortnite season 4 rift locations
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Each Stage is worth 20,000XP so completing this will give a total of 60,000 XP.

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