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31 Aug 2020

Fortnite Season 4: Silver Surfer! - Cosmetic, Character, Glider, Mythic Weapons and More!

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Gameplay Changes?

The new season of Fortnite is set to bring us some awesome new cosmetics that are all Marvel themed!

We now have our hands on the villainous "Silver Sufer", a chracter from the Fantastic 4 story.

Some of you may be wondering who this mysterious man is and whether he'll bring any new gameplay changes to Fortnite.


The SIlver Surfer is a servant to Galactus, who's arriving later this Season!

silver surfer item shop 1

FANTASTIC - Which Marvel skin are you excited for?

Luckily he's turned to the good side to help our heroes defeat the incoming threat.

Does this mean we'll also get our hands on some of the Fantastic 4 characters, including Human Torch and The Thing?


The character in the item shop includes an outfit, glider, pickaxe and a backbling!

The best part of this set is easily the glider, which is simply the Surfboard of the Silver Surfer.

If you purchase this bundle as a set, you can save up to 900 V-Bucks!

Gameplay Changes?

So, does the appearance of this character bring any gameplay changes to Fortnite Season 4?

fortnite marvel season 4

MARVEL - Who will be the one to defeat Galactus?

Unfortuenatly, not yet. We hope in the future the Silver Surfer board becomes an in-game mythic item.

For now, you can still get your hands on the Dr Doom and Groot items in-game.